Medical Law & Ethics

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How to play Crossword Puzzle?
  • Click on an across or down clue.
  • Type in the answer on puzzle.
  • Background turns green on correct answer.
  • Continue until the puzzle is solved.
  • Clicking "hint" reveals a letter without awarding points.
  • Clicking "word" reveals entire word without awarding points.
  • Fill more answers in less time for higher score.
For Medical Assisting students
Crossword Hints
  1. Complement each other
  2. A Wrong against another person that is not a crime
  3. Mutual agreement to exchange privileges
  4. Granted by State Board of Examiners
  5. Professional misconduct
  6. Breach of Dr.-Pt. contract
  7. Person under legal age
  8. Spoken
  9. Written
  10. Threat to do bodily harm
  11. Unlawful touching without permission
  12. Person who brings a lawsuit against another
  13. Commands a person to appear in court
  14. Signs death certificates
  15. Moral principles or values
  16. Deceitful & unethical
  17. Person acting on behalf of another
  18. Deceit & unethical practice
  19. Being of full legal age