Medical Law And Ethics: Chapters 8, 9, And 10

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Crossword Hints
  1. independence.
  2. when an employee has the right to receive benefits from a retirement plan.
  3. negative generalities concerning specific characteristics about a group
  4. regulates the privacy of patient’s health information.
  5. overrule
  6. a requirement that all covered entities under HIPAA must be in compliance with the privacy, security, and electronic data provisions.
  7. the federal office that investigates violations of HIPAA.
  8. a number assigned to an employer for purposes of identification.
  9. unfair dislike or preference for something.
  10. person or institution to whom a debt is owed.
  11. person who owes money to another person.
  12. legal reason.
  13. medication route other than the alimentary canal
  14. worthy of belief.
  15. made known
  16. agency that oversees hospital accreditation standards.
  17. ordered by the court.
  18. penalties or fines.