Lymphatic System

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This is info about the Lymphatic System in one game
Crossword Hints
  1. The Lymphatic system returns excess----- from the tisses to the bloodstream
  2. The system also helps fight---------
  3. what are the 500-700 very small organs that are spread throughout the body?
  4. What is the disease that can affect this system?
  5. What is one function that would cause the Lymphatic System to fail if it was not there?
  6. The ------ helps to fight infection by producing white blood cells?
  7. We need the system because the lymph nodes create a -------- against germs which help to fight disease.
  8. The system can overreact and cause allergies or -------------- disease
  9. What system transports fats to the Lymphatic System?
  10. What other disease can affect this system?
  11. What other disease can affect this system?