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How to play Crossword Puzzle?
  • Click on an across or down clue.
  • Type in the answer on puzzle.
  • Background turns green on correct answer.
  • Continue until the puzzle is solved.
  • Clicking "hint" reveals a letter without awarding points.
  • Clicking "word" reveals entire word without awarding points.
  • Fill more answers in less time for higher score.
Important festivals
Crossword Hints
  1. celebrated for 5 days according to the lunar Hindu Calendar
  2. is celebrated five times a year especially at nigkts
  3. is an historical Indo-Aryan language, one of the liturgical languages of Hinduism and Buddhism
  4. Telugu Classical dance
  5. deliberate descent of a deity from heaven to earth, and is mostly translated into English as "incarnation", but more accurately as "appearance" or "manifestation"
  6. ften depicted as an infant, as a young boy playing a flute as in the Bhagavata Purana
  7. a set of religious, philosophical and cultural systems that originated in the Indian subcontinent
  8. is a harvest festival widely celebrated by Tamils in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and in Sri Lanka.
  9. Hindu devotional song
  10. is a plucked stringed instrument used mostly in Carnatic Indian classical music