Heat & Temperature Crossword Puzzle Game

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How to play Crossword Puzzle?
  • Click on an across or down clue.
  • Type in the answer on puzzle.
  • Background turns green on correct answer.
  • Continue until the puzzle is solved.
  • Clicking "hint" reveals a letter without awarding points.
  • Clicking "word" reveals entire word without awarding points.
  • Fill more answers in less time for higher score.
Energy, heat & temperature terms.
Crossword Hints
  1. describes how quickly molecules are moving inside a material.
  2. energy which is moved between two things when one of them is hotter than the other
  3. heat transfer by direct contact
  4. the transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
  5. the transfer of heat through a fluid (liquid or gas) caused by molecular motion
  6. used to measure temperature
  7. SI unit for temperature
  8. Metric unit for measuring temperature; On this scale water freezes at zero and boils at 100.
  9. Hg
  10. a material that does not conduct heat well
  11. the SI unit of energy
  12. amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius at atmospheric pressure