Feudalism And The Manor Economy

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Here is a crossword puzzle based on Chapter 8, section 2
Crossword Hints
  1. Loosely organized system of government in which local lords governed their own landsbut owed military service and other support to a greater lord
  2. In medieval Europe, a lord who was granted landin exchange for service and loyaltyto a greater lord
  3. This took a heavy toll on Medieval peasants
  4. In the Middle Ages, an estate granted by a lord to a vassal in exchange for service and loyalty
  5. Noble in Europe who served as a mounted warrior for a lord in the Middle Ages
  6. Mock battle in which knights would compete against one another to show off their fighting skills
  7. Code of conduct for knights during the Middle Ages
  8. Wandering poet in Europe in the Middle Ages
  9. During the Middle Ages in Europe, a lord's estate, which included one or more villages and the surrounding lands
  10. In medieval Europe, peasant bound to the lord's land
  11. A wooden tower
  12. The age at which a boy slated to become a knight was sent away to the castle
  13. A water filled ditch