Examine The Distinctive Styles Of Worship Of Black Led Churches In The Uk

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By Lucy Helas
Crossword Hints
  1. Belief that God only exists in one form
  2. Congregation are this
  3. Focus of services
  4. BLCs are predominantly this- emphasis on holy spirit
  5. talking in an unknown language
  6. Belief the bible is this
  7. Wesleyan Holiness Church belief this theology
  8. Christ ********* Church
  9. Speaking in tongues, healings, trances etc
  10. Key rite of passage in pentecostalism
  11. Founder of holiness movement
  12. Type of music in BLCs
  13. Number of members belonging to CBLC
  14. Belief that God exists in three forms
  15. What leaders of Brotherhood of Cross and Stars wear
  16. Services are this