Cross Me

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How to play Crossword Puzzle?
  • Click on an across or down clue.
  • Type in the answer on puzzle.
  • Background turns green on correct answer.
  • Continue until the puzzle is solved.
  • Clicking "hint" reveals a letter without awarding points.
  • Clicking "word" reveals entire word without awarding points.
  • Fill more answers in less time for higher score.
This cross word puzzle is about guessing buildings such as a bridge, a piiza parlor, or a house.
Crossword Hints
  1. Cars go over this to get to the other side
  2. Renting, Normally for reasons of rest from travel
  3. Oven, Beds, TV, Food, Fridge, Freezer; We LIVE here.
  4. Wal*Mart is like a M____t. (I can't give the word away.)
  5. Princesses, Kings, Queens, Moats, Dungeons, Princes all live in a _______.
  6. Birds live in a _____, we live in a _____. Put those words together
  7. Also known as Jail
  8. We go here if we are hurt or sick
  9. We go here to get check up's for our animals.
  10. Rich Foods, Chef's, A lot of Money.
  11. Think opposite for this first one: On-___; Now, fill in the blank: _ _ _ Cube; Put it together.
  12. Tooth Check-Ups
  13. Human Check-Ups
  14. Pizza Hut is a _ _ _ _ _ Parlor. (Parlor is part of the word.)