Baroque Vocabulary

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vocabulary words for Music in the Baroque
Crossword Hints
  1. The number of sounds occurring at the same time in music
  2. Synonyms: united, single
  3. Synonym: clearly
  4. Synonyms: difference, variation
  5. Something which occurs over and over again.
  6. Synonym: raised
  7. A particular time; or a special event.
  8. Synonyms: defined, unique
  9. A period in music history from 1600- 1750 when a complex, emotional style, and new forms of instrumental and vocal music were developed.
  10. A story or play in which all of the parts are sung.
  11. Synonyms: assign, hire, payment, salary
  12. The changes in loudness and softness in music.
  13. A choir or group of people singing together.
  14. A term used to refer to cities, villages and incorporated towns.
  15. Literal translation: poly--many, phonic-- sounds
  16. Music having a single melodic line with accompaniment.