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  • Click on play with your cursor in order to begin your game.
  • Memorize the pattern of sound and lights that is played.
  • Using your cursor, click on buttons to repeat the pattern in twenty seconds or less.
  • If you miss a pattern, a new one will be given to you.
  • The patterns get longer as the levels get more advanced.
  • Three strikes and you’re out!

Prove to everyone how amazing your memory skill is by achieving the highest score in this game! Challenge your sense of hearing and sense of sight, as you'll need to memorize the pattern of lights and sounds that will be presented to you. You have at most 20 seconds to replicate the whole sequence. Try your best not to be mistaken when you start repeating the whole arrangement, so that you won't be given another pattern to memorize all over again. As the game level progresses, the whole thing gets longer and more complicated. It becomes harder to remember the anything. Just push yourself to do your best so that you would be able to solve the puzzle faster. Go as far as you could and impress everyone as you attempt to finish levels upon levels of this brain-stimulating game. By the time you're done, your memory should be enhanced by a few steps higher than when you started. It's already quiet hard remember pictures, a long sequence of lights and sounds are even harder. Topping this game should definitely be included in your resume list of achievements! A daily dose of this brain-tease is a healthy measure of exercise to the mind.

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