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Gulliver's Travels

We use them to tie something.
5 Puzzles       Tags: vocab [email protected]  

Marc Anthony

When did Marc Anthony release his first Spanish-language album?
1 Puzzle       Tags: ...
By:varneysamantha varneysamantha  


You do this at school
1 Puzzle       Tags: english
By:terrymarie terrymarie  

Les ingrédients de la Poutine

De couleur mange, on peut cuisiner avec ou le manger sur du pain
1 Puzzle       Tags: ingrédients poutine québec
By:Gaude Gaude  

head scratcher

A man goes to a shop to buy some fruits,what is he going to buy?
2 Puzzles       Tags: take your brain to the next level
By:samukelo8 samukelo8  

English idioms

a difficult situation to solve
1 Puzzle       Tags: English idioms
By:Agastec Agastec  

you are real inteligent?

1 Puzzle       Tags: u are inteligent?
By:kgtm000 kgtm000  

A Famous Legend P3 - 66 BT

He takes things from other people without asking. What does he do?
4 Puzzles       Tags: vocab [email protected]  


What is the smallest unit of speech?
4 Puzzles       Tags: APPsych
By:ovoyerg ovoyerg  

Name the holidays

Independence Day
9 Puzzles       Tags: Holidays
By:lapeetkova lapeetkova  

Artículos y sustantivos

10 Puzzles       Tags: articulosysustantivosdrgonzalez
By:carmgonz carmgonz  

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