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Vocabulary teaser

A cleansing with water or other liquid
1 Puzzle       Tags: Vocab
By:tayloracurr tayloracurr  

Put the comma in the right spot

Today was a hot windy muggy day.
4 Puzzles       Tags:
By:zooboo23 zooboo23  


It is use to express the idea that an action started and finished at a specific time in the past.
8 Puzzles       Tags: tenses past present future [email protected]  

-IR Preterite Practice

(Vivir) Él.... allí por cinco años.
3 Puzzles       Tags: Preterite
By:Keep7Sins Keep7Sins  

Word Roundup

Military Ranks
3 Puzzles       Tags: words
By:shinysanthu shinysanthu  

Word Roundup

Three Military Ranks
1 Puzzle       Tags: words
By:shinysanthu shinysanthu  

La Ropa

you put them on your feet
6 Puzzles       Tags: clothing
By:mbriceno mbriceno  


Institutional Racism?
8 Puzzles       Tags: Sociology
By:bazoobs123 bazoobs123  

Prepositions of Place Game Brain Teaser

Want some food? Take whatever you find __ the fridge.
5 Puzzles       Tags: ict game prepositions school [email protected]  

preposition brain teaser

A river is ( ) a river
1 Puzzle       Tags: preposotions
By:chihironakajima chihironakajima  

Stage XI

What does mihi placet mean?
1 Puzzle       Tags: Latin game [email protected]  

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