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  • The Sphinx's Riddles
    First, tell me the person who lives in disguise, a person who tells naught but lies.Second, tell me…
    0 Puzzle       Category: Logic
  • medical terminology
    0 Puzzle       Category: Trivia
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  • Catalogação
    Qual o campo MARC para descrição física?
    9 Puzzles      Category: Trivia
  • Evolution & Classification
    the man who developed the theory of evolution because of his travels to the Galapagos
    21 Puzzles      Category: Trivia
  • Evolution & Classification
    1 Puzzle      Category: Trivia
  • Evolution & Classification
    What favors the average phenotype in a population?
    3 Puzzles      Category: Logic
  • dasdsada
    1 Puzzle      Category: Cryptography
  • dasdsada
    1 Puzzle      Category: Cryptography
  • Abraham Maslow
    What are the five steps of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?
    4 Puzzles      Category: Logic
  • Abraham Maslow
    what are the five steps of Maslow's Hierarchy of learning?
    4 Puzzles      Category: Logic
  • fkldslfj
    2 Puzzles      Category: Trivia
  • Ozone Depletion
    The area of the atmosphere between 7 and 30 miles above the earth is known as the what?
    9 Puzzles      Category: Trivia
    8 Puzzles      Category: Math

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