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My A Plus 220-702 Practice Questions 2011 And Answer !

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Posted 21 February 2012 - 01:57 PM

Hi people this is my online test score 80% hope this can help someone to study i fail in some ones but hope some one can help me out

thanx and cheerz !

A+ 220-702 Practice Questions Handout 2 2011
You lose a screw at the bottom of the printer that you are working on. You cannot pick up the screw with your hand because the area is too small.

What tool can you use to retrieve it?


Extension magnet   


Torx wrench

Which ntbackup switch allows you to designate whether a backup type is normal, copy, differential, incremental, or daily?





What is IMAP?

An e-mail protocol that allows users to selectively download messages.  

A protocol that authenticates users who are sending e-mail.

A protocol that allows real-time messaging.

An e-mail protocol that allows users to send but not receive messages.

You are looking for ways to prevent users from removing data from their computer systems. You have disabled all floppy disk drives, and the computers are configured with read-only CD/DVD players.

What else should you do? (Choose two.)

Password protect the system BIOS.

Flash the system BIOS.

Disable all USB ports in the system BIOS

Disable onboard disk controllers in the system BIOS.

Disable hard disk discovery in the system BIOS.

You are building a desktop personal computer (PC) that will support a sound card and a media reader.

For which type of motherboard and case will you need to install a riser card?

New Low-Profile Extended (NLX)

Micro Advanced Technology Extended (Micro ATX)

Balanced Technology Extended (BTX)

Advanced Technology Extended (ATX)

A user has installed an internal modem in her computer, but it is not detected by Windows XP. She has a CD-ROM containing drivers.

What should she do?

Use Device Manager to enable the modem.

Use the System utility to create a hardware profile that contains the modem.

Use the Add Hardware wizard to install the modem.

Use Network Connections to configure a dial-up connection.

A user installs an application on a computer running Windows. After installing the application, the computer begins receiving a series of pop-up ads.

What is most likely wrong?

The application installed adware on the computer.

The application installed a worm.

The application is a Trojan horse.

The application contains a logic bomb.

You are building a personal computer (PC) that has two 32-bit slots for RIMM memory. You install a 32-bit RIMM module in one of the slots.

What must you install in the vacant slot?

A C-RIMM module

A 32-bit RIMM module or a CT-RIMM module

A C-RIMM module or a CT-RIMM module

A 32-bit RIMM module

You want to prevent Windows Vista from loading specific applications during startup. You want all other applications to start as they normally would. You also want the ability to re-enable the applications to automatically start up in the future.

What command allows you to disable the startup applications?





Your wireless network is secured using WEP. You need to improve data encryption to minimize the chance that data transmissions might be compromised.

What should you do?

Disable SSID broadcast on all access points.

Change the WEP shared key each week.

Implement MAC address filtering.

Reconfigure the network to use WPA

You need to ensure that Active Directory domain user Alice does not have read access to the folder named Graphics. The Graphics folder is shared to the network from the server named FS0. The disk partition on which Graphics is located is formatted as NTFS.

Your solution should not impact other users.

What should you do?

Explicitly deny read access to the folder to Alice through local access security.

Explicitly deny read access to the folder to Alice through shared access security

Remove Alice from any domain group that has access to the Graphics folder.

Deny read access to the Graphics folder to any group to which Alice belongs.

You are shopping for a hard disk drive for a personal computer (PC) that you are building.

For which reason would you purchase a disk drive that uses the SATA 3.0 (SATA V2) standard instead of the original SATA standard?

You want a drive that does not use jumpers.

You plan to install an external disk drive.

You need to optimize performance for audio and video applications.

You need to support hot swapping of the disk drive.

You have intermittent connectivity to www.measureup.com and want to check connectivity to the server over several hours.

Which command should you use?



ping -t

ping -l

For which of the following should you implement QoS in a small office/home office (SOHO) environment?


Instant messaging



The process of logging onto a network with a user name and password is an example of which of the following?





You are building a personal computer (PC) with a motherboard that supports the Scalable Link Interface (SLI) by NVIDIA. You plan to install two SLI graphics cards with a hardware bridge, and you want to optimize performance for graphics processing.

Which expansion slots should you use?

One PCI slot and one PCIe slot

One AGP slot and one CNR slot.

Two AGP slots

Two PCIe slots

You want to repair disk errors and recover data from bad sectors on a user's laptop.

Which chkdsk switches allow you to repair and extract data from the bad sectors? (Choose two.)






You are setting up a home office and need broadband Internet access. You need to keep the costs and additional equipment required to a minimum.

What WAN technology should you use?

Cable modem

T1 line

T3 line


You need to secure access to network file servers. Your first task is to determine current access permissions.

What should you do?

Review effective access permissions.

Review network access permissions.

Review group access permissions.

Review local access permissions.

You are upgrading components in a computer to refurbish it. The motherboard and BIOS are five years old. You are concerned that the BIOS may not properly support some of the components you want to install.

Which component might require updating Flash ROM contents before the installation will work properly?

100Base-TX network adapter

Power supply

80 GB hard drive

128MB of physical SDRAM

56K modem

Graphics card for 1600 x 1200 display

DVD-ROM drive

What version of Windows uses the Sync Center to manage synchronizing offline files?

Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Home

Windows 2000 Professional

Windows 7

You have recently implemented a WLAN and want to maximize security. You only want specific wireless clients to be able to access the WLAN.

What should you do?

Implement MAC filtering.

Use BitLocker.

Disable WEP.

Enable SSID broadcasting.

Your antivirus program identifies an infected file but cannot remove it because it is in use.

You need to remove the infected file.

What should you do?

Update the virus signatures.

Boot into Safe Mode and run the virus scan again.

Get a different antivirus program.

Run the fixmbr command.

Which statement about installing DIMMs is true?

DIMMs have a cut-away portion on one end to help you line them up properly.

You insert the DIMM at a 35-degree angle and raise it into place.

You must install DIMMs in matching pairs.

You push the DIMM straight down into the socket.

Your network has a file server running Microsoft Windows XP Professional with a 2.2 GHz Pentium 4 processor, 1 GB of RAM, and one IDE hard disk. The computer has 20 GB of free hard disk space.

Performance has gradually degraded on the file server. The number of users accessing the file server has not changed significantly over time. You need to improve the computer's performance.

What should you do first?

Use Disk Manager to determine the amount of fragmentation on the hard disk.

Use System Manager to monitor processor user time.

Use Network Monitor to determine the network traffic levels.

Use System Monitor to determine memory usage.

You are implementing a wireless network. You want to provide the best security during data transmission.

What should you do?

Implement WEP.

Implement WPA2.

Disable SSID broadcasting.

Enable content filtering.

You discover a program running in the background on several network computers. The program is collecting address and computer name information from your network and sending it to an address on the Internet.

This is an example of what kind of threat?





How can you designate an EIDE hard drive as a slave? (Choose two.)

Designate it as Slave in the BIOS Setup.

Connect the hard drive to the Slave port on the motherboard.

Connect the hard drive to the motherboard using the Slave connector portion of a Cable Select cable.

Set the jumper to Slave.

You have recently set up Microsoft Windows Vista Business on five computers in a remote office and you want to be able to use Remote Desktop from the main office to manage these computers. You do not want users in other remote offices to be able to run Remote Desktop sessions on these computers.

You need to allow Remote Desktop access to these remote computers only from the main office subnet.

What should you do?

Configure a custom inbound rule allowing a Remote Desktop connection using Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on each computer.

Configure the Windows Firewall rules in Control Panel to allow the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Configure the Windows Firewall rules in Control Panel to allow Remote Assistance.

Ensure that only users in the main office are included in a Remote Assistance invitation e-mail message.

#2 cflarrew19


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Posted 28 March 2012 - 10:44 PM

Thanks for the post ; i am new here and it gives me a sense of the scope of the exam.

#3 mandersonusa


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Posted 02 April 2012 - 07:43 AM

Great Study tool.

The more questions I find to study, the better understanding of the real test!

Thanks for the share!
Thanks to all!


#4 eberrocal2



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Posted 08 April 2012 - 08:30 AM

Marcal, I just took the A+ 702 practice test on comptia.org.  It's been helpful to compare my answers to your but you only list a small number of questions.  Can you list the other questions and answers?  Thanks!

#5 mailatech53



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Posted 21 May 2012 - 10:32 AM

Hi Marcal,

I am preparing for 702 scheduled for next week, your Q & A feed back are really very helpful, if you could add the rest as well to compare the answers, that would be nice.

Cheers and thanks !


#6 TroyB



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Posted 23 May 2012 - 07:03 AM

I have not taken the test yet, but am studying for it. I am pretty sure the answer to: You are building a personal computer (PC) that has two 32-bit slots for RIMM memory. You install a 32-bit RIMM module in one of the slots.

What must you install in the vacant slot?

Is A 32-bit RIMM module or a CT-RIMM module, because ct-rimm is used for empty 32 bit slots to fill the requirement for using two modules at a time.

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