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Neural messages travel faster on axons which have a myelin sheath
The part of the brain that helps process hearing and give meaning to words is the ______. the temporal lobe
Calm is to aroused as _____ is to ______. parasympathetic; sympathetic
Human beings have _____ pairs of chromosomes. 23
The short fibers which extend from the neurons allowing it to receive messages from other neurons are dendrites
The area in the back of the temporal lobe that is important in our ability to listen and in processing and understanding what others are saying is _____. Wernicke's area
Which hemisphere of the cerebral cortex is usually dominant in language tasks? the left hemisphere
The part of the neuron that carries outgoing messages either to another neuron or to a muscle or gland is the axon
Which of the follwing is true of neural impulses in a single neuron? The strength of a neural impulse is the same each time the neuron fires.
The idea that large fibers in the sensory nerves can prevent impulses from reaching the brain and thus prevent the sensation of pain is part of the ______ theory of pain. gate-control
The outer surface of the two cerebral hemispheres that regulate most complex behavior is called the ______. cerebral cortex
The structure in the hindbrain that controls certain reflexes and coordinates the body's movements is the _____. cerebellum
Endorphins reduce pain messages in the brain
A long structure leaving the cell body that action potential travel along is called the______. axon
If the limbic system were destroyed, which of the following structures would be damaged? amygdala and hippocampus
Assume that you are testing a split-brain human subject whose language center is in the left hemisphere. If you place a house key into his left hand, he will: not be able to tell you what object he is presently holding
The myelin sheath: helps to speed up neural messages within the cell
Which of the following neurotransmitters is known for its role in schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease? dopamine
The glands that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream are called _____. endocrine
The process of digesting your last snack or meal or the unconscious regulation of your breathing are all primarily rooted in the _____ nervous system. autonomic
The division of the nervous system that connnects the brain and the spinal cord to the rest of the body is the _____ system. peripheral nervous
The part of the brain which interprets visual information is the _____. occipital lobe
The brain's "relay station" is the _____. thalamus
The branch of the autonomic nervous system that prepares the body for quick action in an emergency is the _____ division. Sympathetic
The nervous system is comprised of two major parts: _____. the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system
Neurons whose primary purpose is to collect information from the sensory organs and carry that information to the spinal cord or brain are called _____. afferent neurons
The "split brain" patient is asked to stare at a spot on a screen. When a picture of an object is shown to the left of the spot, the patient can ____.
identify the object vebally and pick it out of a group of hidden objects using her right hand
One evening Betty was walking to the dorm from the gym when she was stopped by two men who demanded her money. Since she was a good athlete, Betty decided to make a run for it. Pretending to open her purse, she suddenly turned and dashed off. Although pursued, Betty outran her assailants. During this incident, which part of Betty's nervous system was most directly responsible for her successful escape? sympathetic nervous system
Neurons in the brain that carry messages from one neuron to another and do most of the work of the nervous system are called_____. interneurons
Physiological psychologists study _____. the biological basis for human behavior
The site of many mental processes that are unique to humans ( self-awareness, initiative, planning ability, and goal-directed behavior) is the _____. frontal lobes
Estrogen is to ____ as testosterone is to _____. ovaries; testes
The tiny space between the axon terminal and the dendrites of another neuron is called the ____. synaptic cleft or gap
The period in which the neuron begins to pump sodium ions out of the cell and can only fire if the incoming message is extremely powerful is called the
relative refractory period
The part of the brain that receives sensations of touch, balance, bodily postition, and oversees spatial abilities is the _____. parietal lobe
the limbic system is responsible for _____. connecting the brain to most of the rest of the body
When the electrical charge inside a neuron is negative in relation to the outside, the neuron is said to be in a state of: polarization
"Split Brain" patients are patients who have had _____. their corpus callosum cut
The left and right cerbral hemispheres are connected by the: corpus callosum
A young man reads in a letter that he has just won $1000 in a state-wide lottery and he literally jumps for joy. Which neurons are sending messages from his brain to his legs ordering them jump? motor neurons
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