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Orbicularis oculi blinking, squinting, and draws eyebrows inferiorly
Zygomaticus raises corners of mouth upwards (smiling)
Risorius draws corners of lips laterally, acts as a synergist to zygomaticus
Orbicularis oris protrusion of lips (kissing/pursing of lips)
Buccinator holds food between teeth during chewing (mastication)
Masseter prime mover of jaw closure
Temporalis elevates and retracts mandible. Keeps jaw closed at rest
Sternocleidomastoid prime mover of head flexion, turns head laterally and flexes head
Splenius extend or hyperextend the head. Antagonist to sternocleidomastoid
Erector Spinae prime mover of extension of the vertebral column
Quadratus Lumborum lateral flexion of the vertebral column. Assists in respiration
rectus abdominis flex and rotate lumbar region, fix and depresses ribs, increases intra-abdominal pressure, used in sit-ups. antagonist to erector spinae
External obliques aids rectus abdominis in flexing vertebral column. antagonist to erector spinae
Internal obliques aids rectus abdominis in flexing vertebral column. antagonist to erector spinae
Transverse abdominis Compresses abdominal contents. antagonist to erector spinae
Pectoralis Minor Draws scapula forward and downwards
Serratus anterior prime mover of scapula abduction and holds scapula against chest wall
Trapezius adducts and stabilises the scapula. Together with the levato scapulae, elevates scapula
Rhomboids acts with trapezius to adduct the scapula.

medial rotation of the humerus
Infraspinatis lateral rotation of the humerus
Supraspinatis prevents downward dislocation of humerus
Teres Minor Lateral rotation of humerus
Pectoralis Major Prime mover of arm flexion at the shoulder, adduction, and medial rotation of humerus
Coracobrachialis synergist to pectoralis major, adduction and flexion
Latissimus Dorsi Prime mover for arm extension, adducts, and medially rotates the humerus. Antagonist to pectoralis major
Teres major Synergist to Latissimus dorsi; adducts and medially rotates humerus
Deltoid Prime mover of arm abduction; antagonist to pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi
Supraspinatus assists in abduction
Biceps Brachii flexes the forearm at the elbow. supinates the forearm
Brachialis flexes the forearm
Brachioradialis synergist to forearm flexion
Triceps brachii prime mover of forearm extension at the elbow; antagonist to biceps brachii and brachialis
Flexor carpi radialis flexor of wrist, abducts hand; weak synergist of elbow flexion
Flexor carpi ulnaris flexor of wrist, adducts hand
Palmaris longus weak wrist flexor, tenses skin of palm during hand movements
Extensor carpi radialis extends wrist; abducts wrist
Extensor carpi ulnaris extends wrist; adducts wrist
Extensor digitorum prime mover of digit extension
iliopsoas hip flexion
Gluteus maximus extends at thigh at hip and laterally rotates thigh
hamstrings hip extension, knee flexion
Adductors adduct and flex the thigh at hip
Quadriceps femoris extend the leg at the knee
Satorius flexion of hip at knee; lateral rotation of the thigh (cross legs)
Tibialis anterior prime mover of dorsiflexion of foot
extensor digitorum longus prime mover of toe extension
Gastrocnemius prime mover of plantar flexion at ankle and with soleus can flex at knee
soleus plantar flexion at foot
flexor digitorum longus flexes toe and plantar flexes foot at ankle
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