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What is GDP?
everything legally produced within our country in a time period
Productivity? output divided by some input.
Partial productivity?
how much of a particular kind of input it takes to produce an output
What are the 3 characteristics that quality products possess?
Reliability, serviceability, and durability.
5 characteristics that distinguish a quality service?
Reliability, tangibles, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy.
4 kinds of inventory?
raw materials, component parts, work-in-progress, and finished goods.
What is management?
getting work done through others.
What are 3 management skills?
Technical skill (job knowledge); human skill (get people together and see your point of view); conceptual skill (critical thinking, analyzing a problem)
What are three types of cost?
Fixed cost, variable cost, mixed cost
Another definition of _________ skill is job knowledge.
Fixed cost?
a cost which is not directly tied to the level of production, revenue, or sales
Who is Frederick Taylor?
Father of scientific management.
Who is Frank and Lillian Gilbreth?
Applied time and motion studies to the study of work.
Who is Henrey Gantt & What was emphasized?
know for Gantt Charts; they emphasized the importance of training workers
Who is Alfred P. Sloan?
Oversaw the growth of GM into largest corporation in the world.
Who is Mary Parker Follett?
*constructive conflict *integrative conflict resolution
Who is Elton Mayo?
Demonstrated the importance of "social units" in the workplace.
Operations management?
Stresses quantitative approach to solving management problems.
Management ideas and practices have actually been used form the earliest times of recorded history.
The Hawthorne Studies proved that financial incentives weren't necessarily the most important motivator for workers.
Prior to the intro of ____?_______, 5 workers each given an identical task could use 5 different methods to perform the task w/some methods being significantly more efficient than others.
Scientific management.
The goal of scientific management was to ...?
find the 1 best way to perform each task.
Frank & Lillian Gilbreth are important to management bc they ...?
Used motion studies to eliminate unnecessary or repetitive motions from the work process.
What did the Gantt chart do?
is a chart that shows when and where tasks need to be completed so that a job can be completed in a timely manner.
What management theorist would most likely have said," The success of an enterprise generally depends much more on the administrative ability of its leaders than on their technical ability"?
Henri Fayol
The use of quantitative methods and mathematical models to solve mgmt problems is a feature of?
operations mgmt
SWOT? Strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
Managers often do a poor job of identifying potential competitors?
Two kinds of external organizational environments are the general environment that affects all organizations and the specific environment that is unique to each company.
Managers often prefer to use business confidence indices...
as predictors of future economic activity when making business decisions.
all of the following would be considered aspects of the general environment that all organizations would face EXCEPT
*the relationship an organization had with its most important supplier.
The part of a SWOT analysis that looks at environmental factors outside the organization is the examination of...
opportunities and threats
The first step managers use to make sense of their changing environment is _____?
environmental scanning.
What are morals?
Principles on determining right and wrong.
What are ethics?
a system of moral values that guides actions
What is a shareholder model?
holds that the only social responsibility that businesses have is to maximize profits
What is a stakeholder model?
Not to maximize profits but the firm's long-term survival which is achieved by satisfying interests of the stakeholders
What are stakeholders?
persons/groups with a legitimate interest in a company's actions