Hematology - Manual Cell Counting Flashcards Table View


Name 2 types of stains for staining retics New methylene Blue, Brilliant Cresyl Blue
What is the equation for a manual platelet count? number of plts counted x 1000 (x10^9)
When would a manual WBC or platelet count be done? Body fluid analysis (CSF, pleural fluid, etc), Errors or flags from automated instruments, Interfering substances
What is a supravital stain? Stains residual RNA in the cytoplasm of Retics
Which optics are used for counting Retics, WBCs and RBCs manually? WBC: x10, RBCs: x40, Platelets: x40
What are 4 common sources of error in manual counting methods? Incorrect dilution, Faulty equipment, Technique (over or under filling the chamber), Nature of the sample (no clots, thoroughly mixed)
What area on a hemocytometer is used for WBC counts? All 9 large squares
What is the equation for a manual WBC count? Total WBC (mm3) = WBCs counted x 10 x 100/9 Or Add 10% to the total # WBCs counted and multiply by 100
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