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Tire Chains: Carry the right number of chains and extra cross-links. Make sure they will fit your drive tires.
You should use low beams whenever you can. True or False? False
What should you do before you drive if you are drowsy? Sleep
What effects can wet brakes cause?How can you avoid these problems? Brake can become weak. Avoid driving through puddle or flowing water.
You should let air out of hot tires so the pressure goes back to normal. True or False? False
You can safely remove the radiator cap as long as the engine isn't overheated. True or False? False
What factors determine your selection of a "safe" speed when going down a long,steep downgrade? 1.Total weight of the vehicle and cargo. 2.Length of the grade. 3.Steepness of the grade. 4.Road conditions. 5.Weather.
Why should you be in the proper gear before starting down a hill? You will not be able to shift into a lower gear. You may not even be able to get back into any gear and all engine effect will be lost.
Describe the proper braking technique when going down a long,steep downgrade? 1.Apply brakes hard enough to feel a definite slowdown. 2.When your speed has been reduced to five mph below your safe speed release the brakes.
What type of vehicles can get stuck on a rail-road crossing? Low slung units(lowboy,car carrier,moving van,possum-belly livestock trailer). Single-axle tractor
Stopping is not the safest thing to do in an emergency. True or False? False
What is an escape ramp? are made to stop runaway vehicles safely without injuring drivers and passenger.
Name two causes of tire fires. under inflated tires and duals that touch.
Common medicines for colds can make you sleepy. True or False? True
What's the most important hand signal that you and the helper should agree on? Stop
What happens in a rear-wheel skid? the rear wheel usually slide sideways in an attempt to catchup" with the front wheels.
How far ahead should you look when driving? 12-15 seconds ahead.
How far is that at lower speeds? 1 block
Which is not a retarder? Robotic
What view does a convex mirror show? An wider area than flat mirrors.
In bad weather, many car drivers follow large vehicles closely during bad weather,especially when it is hard to see the road ahead Increase your following distance.
How do you make a left turn in a bus or truck? make sure you have reached the center of the intersection before you start the left turn.
What three things add up to your total stopping distance? Perception Time+Reaction Distance+Braking Distance
Engine braking: it controls your speed on downgrades.
Whenever you double your speed: High speed increase stopping distance.
Why should you back toward the driver's side? you can see better backing on the driver side of the vehicle.
If stopped on a hill, how can you start moving without rolling back? apply enough engine power before releasing the parking brakes and gradually accelerate.
When backing, why is it important to use a helper? They can spot hazards or problems before you can.
What two special conditions where you should down shift? Before going downhill and entering a curve.
What are the two ways to know when to shift? Engine speed and Road speed
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