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A former Portugese colony that is the newest state in Southeast Asia is: East Timor
Half of Southeast Asia's population lives in which two countries? Indonesia & The Phillipines
Agriculture in Southeast Asia is limited by: Leached Soil
A country in Southeast Asia that remained, for the most part, an independent state throughout the colonial era was: Thailand
In 1965, _____ broke away from Malaysia and became a separate political entity in Southeast Asia. Singapore
_______ held onto eastern Timor well after the Dutch left the East Indies Portugal
The largest Muslim country in the world in terms of population is: Indonesia
Which of the following political entities is not located on the island of Borneo? Singapore
The Colonial power that lost the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 was: French
Which country does not border Vietnam? Myanmar
The Southeast Asian nation that is still ruled by a communist regime is: Laos
Angkor Wat is located in which country? Cambodia
The Khmer Rouge killed as many as 2 million people in an attempt to change the society of: Kampuchea or Cambodia
The poorest state in IndoChina: Myanmar
Three countries located on the Malay Peninsula are: Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar
The vast majority of Thailand's Muslim population lives in the: Southernmost Province
The two states of East Malaysia are: Sabah & Sarawak
The small oil rich Islamic sultanate of Insular Southeast Asia is: Brunei
The ethnic group that accounts for over 75% of Singapore's population are the: Chinese
Indonesia is a state located: Between India & The Pacific
The majority of Indonesia's population is located on the island of: Jawa
The island of _______ is the largest and westernmost island of Indonesia. Sumatera
The island of Insular Southeast Asia that can be characterized as a minicontinent is: Kalimantan or Borneo
The now-ended policy of the Indonesian government to induce Jawanese to move to other islands was called: transmigration
The state that has unresolved issues with Australia over seabed oil reserves is: East Timor
The two main islands in the Phillipines is located in: Luzon & Mindanao
The Muslim stronghold in the Phillipines are: Luzon & Mindnao
_______ is Southeast Asia's only landlocked country Laos
Manila is located on the island of _____. Luzon
Banda Aceh, the city most devastated by the 2004 tsunami, is located on the Indonesian island of ______. Sumatera
Papua, the Indonesian province that lies in the Pacific Realm, is located on the island of ________. New Guinea
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