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__________ GPOs can act as templates when creating new GPOs for your organization. Starter OR Template

Which mode in the Resultant Set of Policy Wizard is useful for documenting and understanding how combined policies are affecting users and computers? Logging OR Implementation

How many WMI filters can be configured per GPO? three OR one


When the Settings tab is activated, an HTML report is generated that allows administrators to view GPO settings that do not have the original default values. TRUE OR FALSE TRUE
What command-line tool allows you to create and display an RSoP query from the command line? GPResult OR GPRSoP

What database of information includes hardware, Group Policy Software Installation settings, Internet Explorer Maintenance settings, scripts, Folder Redirection settings, and Security settings? CIMOM OR DCOM


RSoP is available as an MMC snap-in.
What MMC snap-in provides a single access point to all aspects of Group Policy that were previously spread across other tools such as Active Directory Users and Computers, Active Directory Sites and Services, Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP), and the Group Policy Management Editor? Group Policy Management OR Group Policy Editor

Group Policy Management
WMI filters cannot be evaluated on which operating system? Windows Server 2003 OR Windows 2000

Windows 2000

Group Policy Management started being natively installed with what version of Windows Server? 2003 OR 2008

What would the syntax of the GPResult command be if you want to obtain RSoP information on computer and user policies that will affect a user named jsmith? gpresult /user jsmith /v OR gpresult /user jsmith /v /x

gpresult /user jsmith /v
What refines the application of a GPO to include or exclude certain users, groups, or computers based on the ACL that is applied to the GPO? Security Group Filtering OR Group Based Filtering

Security Group Filtering
Which mode in the Resultant Set of Policy Wizard allows administrators to simulate the effect of policy settings prior to implementing them on a computer or user? Logging OR Planning

When a GPO is selected in Group Policy Management, which tab allows administrators to view the locations to which the policy is linked? Scope OR Delegation

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