Network Chapter 13 110 Flashcards Table View


The best way to change inherited permissions is to change the permissions of the ____. parent object
You can recognize a program as a counterfeit process if it’s not running under System, Local Service, or ____. Network Service Network Service
A ____ is assigned by a Certification Authority, and is used to prove you are who you say you are. digital certificate digital certificate
Certificates are managed using the ____ console. Certificate Manager Certificate Manager
____ on a motherboard offers security features including power-on passwords, support for intrusion-detection devices, and support for a TPM chip. BIOS BIOS
Folders and files stored on a workstation or server that contain user data need to be classified as to the ____ assigned to the data. permissions permissions
A network ____ map is one of the most powerful and versatile methods of communicating over a network. drive drive
A Trojan sometimes installs a ____ in the system, which is a hidden way to allow malware to reach the system in secret even after the Trojan has been removed. backdoor backdoor
A(n)____ password means it is not easy to guess by both humans and computer programs designed to hack passwords. strong strong
To know for sure exactly which permissions for a file or folder are in effect, see the ____ tab of the Advanced Security Settings box. Effective Permissions
A ____ virus is a combination of a boot sector virus and a file virus and can hide in either. multipartite multipartite
A rootkit running in ____ mode intercepts the API calls between the time when the API retrieves the data and when it is displayed in a window. user user
Because of the problem of losing encrypted data and Internet passwords when a user password is reset, each new user should create a password ____ disk for use in the event the user forgets the password. reset reset
The International Organization for Standardization has developed two documents (____), which describe, in detail, the recommended standards to secure computer resources. ISO 17799 and ISO 27002
If viruses are launched even after you boot in Safe Mode and you cannot get the AV software to work, try searching for suspicious entries in the subkeys under ____. HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot
____ is any annoying and unwanted program that might or might not mean you harm. Grayware
The ____ command can be used to encrypt, decrypt, or recover an encrypted file when the certificates are lost. Cipher Cipher
A $ at the end of the folder name creates a(n) ____ share. hidden
A(n) ____ account has complete access to the system and can make changes that affect the security of the system and other users. administrator
The term ____ applies to a kit or set of tools used originally on UNIX computers. rootkit
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