Young Marine Basic Guide Book

These Flash Cards Are For The Young Marines To Have As A Study Tool To Advance In The Ranks

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PO1 EO5 B What is quick time?
Quick time is the term for marching at a regular pace
PO1 EO6 B what is double time?
double time is the term for running or jogging
PO1 EO10 D what is the base element?
the base element is the squad that is closest to the turn
PO1 E 11 B when should you properly render a hand salute?
you should render to colors, all federally commissioned offcers and the unit commader ONLY
PO2 EO1 B what modification can the unit commander make to the offical unifom
the unit commander may change the color of the shirt from white to either the red national shirt or the unit shirt
PO2 EO1 C what style boots can be worn with the Young Marine uniform?
the standard black leather or black hotweather tropical (jungle) combat boots an the old style black combat boots (with eyelet lacing) may be worn
PO2 EO1 D where do you mark all articles of the Young Marine uniform
a. Web Belt. On one side only, inside near the buckle end. b. Cover. Inside on the sweatband. c. Blouse. Inside on the neckband. d. Drawers. Inside the waistband. e. Gloves....
PO2 EO2 A how is the male hair worn?
Hair will be neat and closely trimmed. Hair will be short enough so that it does not touch the ears or hang on the nape of the neck. The hair may be clipped at the edges of the...
PO2 EO2 A how is the female hair worn?
Hair may touch the collar, but will not fall below the collars lower edge. Hair that would fall naturally below the collars lower edge will be neatly and inconspicuously fastened...
PO2 EO2 B What jewelry is permitted whil wearing the official Young Marine uniform?
The only jewelry permitted is watches, medical items, religious medallions, class or Young Marines ring.
PO2 EO2 C how do you clean and press the Youn Marine uniform?
the uniform will be machine or hand laundered in warm water and it may be starched but do not bleach.
PO2 EO3 A What is the obligation?
From this day forward, I sincerely promise, I will set an example for all other youth to follow and I shall never do anything that would bring disgrace or dishonor upon my God,...
PO2 EO3 B what is the creed?
1) Obey my parents and all others in charge of me whether young or old. 2) Keep myself neat at all times without other people telling me to. 3)...
PO2 EO3 C What are 5 examples of the 5 statement of the creed?
1) Young Marines obey their parents or guardians. They also obey those in charge of them. 2) Young Marines always keep themselves neat without being told.Young Marines are always presentable...
PO2 EO4 A when addressing Young Marines by their rank, what words precede their rank?
Young Marine precedes their rank. Example: Young Marine Lcpl Chester
PO2 EO4 B what ranks are in the basic group, junior group, senior group and advance group?
Basic group- Private(PVT) Private First Class( PFC) Lance Corporal(LCpl) Junior group- Corporal(Cpl) Sergeant(Sgt) Senior group- Staff Sergeant(SSgt) Gunnery Sergeant( GySgt) Advance...
PO2 EO4 C which 2 Young Marine ranks are billets only?
First Sergeant(1stSgt) and Sergent Major(SgtMaj)
PO2 EO5 Ahow do Young Marine address senior Young Marines, unit commanders and other adult staff?
Senior Young Marines- by Young Marine, their rank and last nameUnit Commanders- by his or her appropriate title (Mr./Mrs/Miss/Dr./etc) and their last nameAdult Staff-by his or her appropriate...
PO 2 EO5 Bhow does a Young Marine enter a Young Marine office?
Before entering an office the Young Marine Recruitwill knock loudly three times and stand at attention in the doorway. When ordered to enter, the Young Marine will:1) Enter the office...
PO2 EO5 C how do Young Marines render honors to the National Standard in and out of uniform?
In uniform- will come to attention and render the proper hand saluteOut of uniform-will come to attention until the flag is six paces past the Young Marine
PO2 EO5 Dhow do Young Marine render honors to the National Anthem in and out of uniform?
In uniform-the Young Marine will stand at attention face the flag and render the proper hand salute until the music stopsOut of uniform- the Young Marine will stand at attention and...
PO2 EO6 Awhat is the Young Marine birthday?
October 17, 1965
PO2 EO6 Bwhere and when were the Young Marines founded?
The Young Marines was founded in 1959 in Waterbury, CT
PO2 EO6 Cwhat is the relationship between the Young Marines and the Marine Corps League?
The Young Marines are a subsidiary organization of the Marine Corps League. The Young Marines were founded by the Brass City Detachment of the Marine Corps League located in Waterbury,...
PO2 EO6 Ewhat are the 3 Young Marine core values?
teamwork, leadership and disapline
PO2 EO6 Fwhat are 3 examples of each core value?
Discipline-Follow all rules and regulations set forth in the Young Marines Guidebooks and Manuals.Leadership-Accomplish their mission by completing all tasks assigned by their leaders...
PO2 EO7 AWhat is a personal award?
Personal Awards are awarded to Young Marines who distinguish themselves with exceptional achievement, service, and/or personal courage.
PO2 EO7 Bwhat is an achievement award?
Achievement Awards are awarded to Young Marines or Young Marine Units that distinguish themselves with outstanding achievement.
PO2 EO7 CWhat is a service award?
Service Awards are awarded to Young Marines or Young Marine Units that distinguish themselves with outstanding service.
PO2 EO7 Ehow do you earn the drug demand reduction ribbon award?
PO2 EO7 F how do you earn the academic achievement ribbon award?
PO3 EO1 A What does the acronym C.O.L.D. stand for
C — clean clothes breathe and insulate better O — avoid overheating by ventilating L — dress in loose layers D — stay dry
What are three personal equipment items that should be carried in pockets?
Whistle (plastic); b. Folding pocket knife with a large (10 cm) and small blade; c. personal idenification and medical insurance card d. map and compass e. matches f. Survival...
PO 3 EO2 A where do you place heavy objects in a backpack?
Place heavy objects close to the back of the frame, centered and higher on the load
PO3 EO3 A What are some various outdoor tools, describe how to care for each of them.
Axe, bow saw, and shovel a. Store tools in a secure place, never leave them lying around or touching the ground; b. Always use the right tool for the job; c. Follow the safety...
PO3 EO4 A what are the bare minimun that can be carried in a field survival kit?
If you can carry only the bare minimum, carry matches, a signaling device (whistle), protection for your body from the elements (garbage bags), a container to heat water, quick...
PO3 EO5 A Describe the safety procedures for a stove
a. Fill, light, and use the stove outside of tents, buildings and confined shelters b. ensure no pots or objects are placed on the stove when filling or lighting; c. Never open a...
PO3 EO5 B Describe the safety procedures for a lantern
a. Fill, light and use the lantern outside of tents, buildings and confined shelter; b. Only fill or pack up a lantern that is cool to your touch c. Always fill the lantern in a different...
PO3 EO5 C When is the only time to open a fuel container on a stove or lantern
Always fill the stove or lantern in a different place than where you plan to use it – stay downhill and downwind from other sources of fire.
PO3 EO6 A What are two ways to collect safe drinking water?
To find safe drinking water, collect rainwater or clean water from a spring or a fast moving stream. No matter where you have collected your water in the wilderness, bring water...
PO3 EO6 B How do you prepare water found in the fild for drinking?
bring water to a rolling boil, let cool and then drink it.
PO3 EO6 C What is the safest and simplest way to cook fres food in the field?
Boiling is one of the simplest and surest ways of cooking fresh food
PO3 EO7 A Name three things to do or not do when selecting a wilderness shelter site.
When you construct your shelter in the wilderness you will need to consider several factors. Not only do you need protection from wind, precipitation and direct sunlight, you must...
PO3 EO7 B How far away from open water should ones shelter be?
at least 100 feet
PO3 EO7C How far away from a trail should ones shelter site be?
at least 30 feet
PO3 EO8 A Wh is a high standard of personal hygiene important in the field?
A high standard of personal hygiene is important in the field because it protects you against illness and promotes good health.
PO3 EO8 B How often do you wash yourself in the field?
you wash yourself daily
PO3 EO8 C Hw many times a day does one brush their teeht in the field?
Brush your teeth and use floss at least twice a day
PO3 EO8 E What does one do before leaving te campsite?
field day and makes the campsite look better than the origional condition the Young Marine found it in.
PO3 EO9 A Describe the defensive measures taken to protect against poison ivy
simplest defense is to wear long pants when in areas where poison ivy grows, wash clothing and boots after suspected contact
PO3 EO9 B Describe the defensive measures taken to protect against insects
insects are a nuisance that can be defended against by protective clothing and repellant. Wear protective clothing, avoiding dark colors (insects are attracted to them), and use...
PO3 EO9 C What do you do if bitten by a tick?
pull it out immediately with tweezers—do not use your fingers.You can use a sterile needle to remove any remaining parts
PO3 EO9 D How do you store food contaers in the field?
Never eat in your shelter. Hang food containers from an overhanging branch well away from your shelter to keep persistent animals out.
PO3 EO9 E What are the effects and treatment of hypothermia?
Effect: shivering and cannot stop. Treatment: getting the person warm, dry and sheltered. Warm food and drink will also help. Severe hypothermia starts when the person stops shivering,...
PO3 EO9 F What are the effects and treatment of frostbite?
Frostbite happens when soft tissue freezes. Treat frostbite by slowly warming the affected area. Do not allow this are to freeze again or the flesh cells will die.
PO3 EO9 G How do you protect against heat exhaustion and heat stroke?
Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke can be avoided by drinking plenty of water before and during activity in warm weather (up to 1 quart per hour), wearing a hat and sunscreen, and...
PO3 EO9 H What are the two main ways of telling if you are dehydrated?
The two main ways of telling if you are dehydrating are: 1) You have a headache; and/or 2) Your urine is dark yellow, or you’ve gone 24 hours without urinating.
PO3 EO 9 I Name two methods to help avoid being struch by lighting.
1) Get out of the water, 2) Do not stay on a hill top or in an open field, 3) Stay out from under tall single trees, and stay away from towers and poles. 4) If the storm has caught...
PO3 EO9 J How do you travel at night?
ensure that you can see and be seen. Stay off roads where visibility is limited to avoid being hit by vehicles that can’t see you, and do not try to pass through dense brush where...
PO3 EO10 A Describe what minimum camping impact means
The goal of minimum impact camping is to leave behind no trace that you have used or passed through a wilderness area.
PO3 EO10 B Describe ow to walk in pristine areas
When walking in pristine areas spread out and take a slightly different route than the person in front of you—you can still follow your leader, but you will not make a permanent...
PO3 EO10 C Where do you NOT dump wast water.
Don’t dump wastewater into ground water
PO3 EO10 D Describe the dimensions of a field latrine.
A hole about 4 feet long, 2 feet wide, 4 feet deep
PO3 EO10 E How far away from a ground water source latrines or cat holes should be dug?
Choose a site at least 100 yards from a ground water source, on dry ground, in a location downwind from your campsite and cooking area, and off trails and roads.
PO3 EO10 F How far away from a ground water source should the washing site be.
at least 120 yards from open water.
PO3 EO11 A Name three ways to care for a rope.
Some rules of rope care to remember are: a. Do not step on a rope; b. Distribute wear on the rope; c. Keep it dry and clean—wash with mild soap when dirty; d. Store coiled,...
PO3 EO12 A What safety equipment does one have on hand before starting a fire.
Ensure you have fire safety equipment available to you before starting a fire. This equipment could be a shovel, rake, pail with sand or water, or a fire extinguisher
PO3 EO12 B What three components are required to start a fire?
Fire requires three components to burn: fuel, oxygen, and heat
PO3 EO12 C What are the four basic categories of a fuel for a campfire?
Tinder, kindling, softwood fuels, and hardwood fuels
PO3 EO12 D What is kindling?
Kindling—thin wood smaller in diameter than your finger
PO4 EO1 A What are three different types of maps? Describe them.
a. Political maps show countries, provinces or other political borders—e.g. globes and atlases b. Street and road maps are designed to assist commuters and tourists c. A statistical...
PO4 EO1 B How do you care for a map?
a. Place your map in a clear plastic bag, or permanently laminate it; b. Fold it properly and refold it only along the original fold lines to view other parts; c. If it gets wet,...
PO4 EO1C What are the two scales used on topographical maps?
1:50,000- or 1:250,000-scale
PO4 EO1 D What does 1:50,000 mean on a map scale?
a 1:50,000-scale map illustrates an area where one cm on the map represents 50,000cm (500m) on the ground. The 1:50,000 map covers an area of about 1000 square kilometer.
PO4 EO2 A Define the five basic colors on a topographical map.
Red—is used for paved roads and highway numbers—it is also used to shade in areas of urban development Brown—is used for contour lines, contour elevations, spot elevations,...
PO4 EO2 B What is a contour line on a map?
Contour line – A contour line is a line on the map joining points of equal elevation above sea level. Contour lines are drawn on maps to give you a three-dimensional view of the...
PO4 EO2 D Where is the date of the map located?
Date of map data—helps to indicate the amount of change that may have occurred since the map has been printed (find it in the copyright information in the bottom left and right...
PO4 EO2 E Where is the legend on the map located?
Legend of conventional signs—(find this in the bottom margin, plus a more complete list on the back of the map).
PO4 EO3 C What is a "catching feature" on a map?
A “Catching feature” is the stop sign that tells you, you have gone too far. It should be a large and obvious feature across your route that you would not be able to miss like...
PO6 EO1 A What are the eight basic elements of speech preparation?
a. select and limit the subject b. determine the purpose c. analyze the audience and occasion d. gather the data and know your material e. outline the material f. organize and...
PO7 EO1 What does TEAM stand for?
T—Together E—Everyone A—Accomplishes M—More
PO8 EO1 A What is the meaning of good citizenship?
-Living peacefully with one another by respecting the rights of others and accepting their cultures, customs and traditions -Protecting our country and our way of life against all...
PO8 EO1 B What are the responsibilities of citizenship?
a. Help others in the community b. Care for and protect our heritage and environment c. Obey the laws d. Respect and protect the rights and freedoms of others
PO8 EO2 A What is a short history of the U.S. Flag?
The first flag was created by the Continental Congree on June 14, 1777. This date is now known as "Flag Day". Betsy Ross created the first flag. Francis Scott Key wrote the National...
PO8 EO2 D What is the name of the seamstress who was supposed to have sewn the first flag?
Besty Ross
PO8 Eo3 A What is the first stanza of the National Anthem?
Oh, say can you see, by the dawns early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilights last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight, O’er...
PO * EO3 B Who wrote the words to the National Athem?
Fracis Scott Key
PO8 EO4 A Recite the Pledge of Allegiance
“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
PO8 EO4 B Who wrote the original Pledge of Allegiance?
Baptist Minister Francis Bellamy
PO9 EO1 A What is the meaning of physical fitness?
“The ability to perform daily tasks vigorously and alertly, with energy left over for enjoying leisure - time activities and meeting emergency demands. It is the ability to endure,...
PO9 EO1 B What is the importance of good physical fitness?
Physical fitness is one of the most important things in life and one of the most valuable assets one can ever have. Health is one of the pre-requisites for a happy, well-balanced life....
PO9 Eo1 C What are the componets of physical fitness?
a. cardio respiatory endurance b. muscular strength c. muscular endurance d. flexibility e. body composition
PO9 EO3 What are the ten tips on healthy eating
a. start your day with breakfast b. get moving! c. snack smart d. work up a sweat e. balance your food choices f. get fit with friends and family g. eat more grains, fruit and...
PO9 EO5 A wht is possessing first aid knowledge a civic responsiblity?
in the event of a major catastrophe, medical and hospital services may be temporarily unavailable. Citizens must rely on caring for their own injuries as well as those of others.
PO9 EO5 C Define First Aid
immediate care given to a victim until the services of trained personnel arrive
PO9 EO5 D Whar is the "Good Samaritan" law for California?
give legal protection to bystanders who courageously come to the aid of people in emergencies

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