Theories And Paradigms Of Archaeology

Theories And Paradigms Of Archaeology Basic Theories And Paradigms Of Archaeology.
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What is low-level theory?
Observations and interpretations that emerge from hands-on archaeological field and lab work
What is middle-level theory?
Hypotheses that link archaeological observations with the human or natural processes that produced them
Which theory (low-, middle-, or high-level) makes the transition from the archaeologically observable to the invisible?
Middle-level theory
What is high-level theory?
Theories that seek to answer large "why" questions
What are the two basic paradigms in modern archaeology?
Processual and postprocessual
Which paradigm views culture from a systemic perspective?
Which paradigm attempts to remain ethically neutral and explicitly nonpolitical?
Which paradigm sees knowledge as historically-situated?
Which paradigm focuses on the ideas, symbols, and mental processes behind human behavior?
Which paradigm rejects the search for universal laws?
What is the compromise between processual and postprocessual paradigms?
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