Theories Of Sleep

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Evolutionary Explanation of Sleep Description
Lifestyle factors - Aquatic vs terrestrial - Diurnal vs nocturnal - Predator or prey - Sleep...
Evolutionary Explanation of Sleep Meddis (1975) Predator Prey Status THEORY
Sleep keeps vulnerable prey animals safe when normal activties impossible Diurnal can't...
Evolutionary Explanation of Sleep Webb (1982) Hibernation THEORY
Emphasises importance of energy conversation Animals hibernate to conserve energy when hunting...
Evolutionary Explanation of Sleep Allison and Chicchetti (1976)
Prey animals sleep significantly less than predators oppose Meddis Basal Metabollic...
Evolutionary Explanation of Sleep Lesku et al (2006)
Herbivores had less REM and total sleep time  BMR negatively correlated with NREM and...
Evolutionary Explanation of Sleep Pilleri (1979)
Indus dolphins have evolved blindness, despite dangers from floating debris still have short...
Evolutionary Explanation of Sleep Alternative Explanation
Restoration Theory
Restoration Theory of Sleep Description
Sleep essential for restoring body and mind REM - Essential for brain restoration. People recovering...
Restoration Theory of Sleep Shapiro (1981)
People who completed ultra marathon slept extra 1.5 hours 2 nights after race and stage 4 sleep...
Restoration Theory of Sleep Ryback and Lewis (1971)
Healthy volunteers who spent six weeks in bed had no change in their sleep patterns
Restoration Theory of Sleep Peter Tripp
Long term effects: - Divorced - Lost job - Drifted Short term effects: - Hallucinatiosn, spiders...
Restoration Theory of Sleep Alternative Explanation
Evolutionary approach
Theories of Sleep Issues and Debates
Reductionist - Evolutionary NOT reductionist as it incorporates range of environmental factors,...

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