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A plastic shatter-resistant face shield:1.Isnt needed if you have a windshield 2.Helps protect...
2. Helps protect your whole face
More than half of all crashes:1.Occur @ speeds greater than 35mph2.Involve riders who have...
2. Involve riders who have ridden their motorcycles less than 6 months
When riding you should:1.Turn your head & shoulders to look through the turn2.turn your head...
2.turn your head and eyes to look where you are going
Usually a good way to handle tailgaters is to: 1.Change lanes and let them pass2.speed up to...
1.Change lanes and let them pass
To reduce your reaction time:1.ride slower than the speed limit2.cover the clutch and the brakes3.shift...
2.cover the clutch and the brakes
Making eye contact with other drivers:1.Is a good sign they see you2.Isn't worth the effort...
3. Doesn't mean they'll yield to you
Reflective clothing should:1.be worn @ night2.Be worn during the day3.not be worn4.be worn...
4.be worn day & night
the best way to stop quickly:1.use the front brake only2.use the rear brake first3.throttle...
4.use both brakes simultaneously
when it starts to rain its usually best to:1.ride in the center of the lane2.ride in the tire...
2.ride in the tire tracks left by car
If your motorcycle starts to wobble:1.accelerate2. use the brake gradually3.grip the handlebars...
3.grip the handlebars firmly & close the throttle gradually
If a dog is chasing:1.kick it away2.stop until the animal loses interest3.swerve around the...
4.approach the animal slowly, then speed up
passengers should:1.lean as you lean2.hold on to the motorcycle seat3.sit as far back as possible...
1.lean as you lean
when riding in a group inexperienced riders should position themselves:1.just behind the leader2.at...
1.just behind the leader
If you wait an hour for each drink before riding:1.you can't be arrested2.side effects may...
2.side effects may still remain
It's most important to flash your brake lights when: 1.someone is following too closely2.you'll...
2.you'll be slowing suddenly
The front brake supplies how much of the stopping power? 1. 1/4 2. 1/2 3.3/4 4. all
3. 3/4
swerving correctly: 1.shift your weight quickly2.turn the handlebars quickly3.press the handgrip...
3.press the handgrip in the direction of the turn
If a tire goes flat while ridding, its best:1.relax on the handgrips2.shift weight to good...
3.brake on good tire & steer to side of road
A car is waiting to enter the intersection, it's best to: 1.make eye contact with the driver2.reduce...
2.reduce speed & be ready to react

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