Consonants And IPA Classification

IPA Consonant Sybmols And Their Classifications
Created Apr 26, 2010
by erickamyers
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Side ASide B

The Symbol:
Lingua-palatal, voiceless affricate

The symbol:
Lingua-palatal, voiced affricate

The symbol:
Lingua-velar, voiced nasal

The symbol:
Lingua-palatal, voiceless fricative

The symbol:
Lingua-dental, voiced fricative

The symbol:
Lingua-dental, voiceless fricative

The symbol:
Lingua-palatal, voiced fricative
The symbol: p
Bilabial, voiceless plosive   (cognate to b)
The symbol: b  
Bilabial, voiced plosive   (cognate to p)
The symbol: m
Bilabial, nasal, voiced continuant
The symbol: hw (as in awhile)
Bilabial, voiceless glide
The symbol: w
Bilabial, voiced glide
The symbol: f
Labio-dental, voiceless fricative   (cognate to v)
The symbol: v
Labio-dental, voiced fricative   (cognate to f)
The symbol: t
Lingua-alveolar, voiceless plosive   (cognate to d)
The symbol: d
Lingua-alveolar, voiced plosive   (cognate to t)
The symbol: s
Lingua-alveolar, voiceless fricative   (cognate to z)
The symbol: z
Lingua-alveolar, voiced fricative   (cognate to s)
The symbol: n
Lingua-alveolar, voiced nasal continuant
The symbol: l
Lingua-alveolar, voiced lateral
The symbol: j (as in yes)
Lingua-palatal, voiced glide
The symbol: r
Lingua-velar, voiced fricative/glide
The symbol: k
Lingua-velar, voiceless plosive   (cognate to g)
The symbol: g
Lingua-velar, voiced plosive   (cognate to k)
The symbol: h
Voiceless glottal fricative

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