Stages Of Growth And Development

These Flash Cards Were Created To Aid In The Study Of Common Expectations For A Child During Growth And Development.

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Head Sags Early Crawling Movements
Done at one month
Can bring objects to mouth at willHead held erect and steadysmiles in mother's presence
Done at 3 months
Binocular vision
Done at 3 months
Closing of posterior fontanelleDiminished tonic neck and Moro ReflexesAble to turn from side to back
Done at 2 months
Eyes beging to follow a moving object
2 months
Apperance of thumb appositionAbsent tonic neck reflexEvidence of pleasure in social contact
4 months
DroolingMoro reflex gone
4 months
Birth weight usually doubledtakes objects presented to him / her
5 months
Average weight gain of 4 oz per weekteething may begin ( lower central incisors)Can turn rom back to stomachEarly ability to distinguish and recognize strangers
6 months
Sits for short periods using hands for supportGrasps toy with hand (partially successful)fear of strangers begins to appear
7 months
Anxiety with strangers
8 months
elevates self to sitting positionresponds to parental angerexpressions like "dad" may be present
9 months
Crawls wellpulls self to standing position with supportbrings hands togethervocalizes one or two words
10 months
Erect standing posture with support
11 months
Birth weight tripledneeds help while walkingsits from standing position without assistance
12 months
Eats with fingersusually says two words in addition to mama and dadaBabinski disappearsAnterior (front) fontanelle almost closed
12 months
walks alonebuilds 2-block towerthrows objectsgrasps spoonnames common place objects
15 months
anterior frontanelle usually closedclimbs stairsscribblesbuilds 3-block toweroral vocabulary 10 worldsthumb sucking
18 months
Early efforts at jumpingbuilds 5-6 block tower300-world vocabularyObeys easy commands
24 months

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