Spinal Nerves

Spinal Nerves Spinal Nerves
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what system are the spinal nerves a part of, and how many pairs?
PNS and 31 pairs containing both sensory and motor neurons
dorsal root contains what kind of neurons?
ventral root contains what kind of neurons?
motor neurons which are both voluntary and involuntary
what exists when the ventral and dorsal roots come together?
a spinal nerve which is about 1" long
what is the dorsal root ganglion?
it contains the cell bodies of sensory neurons
what does the spinal nerve divide into?
the dorsal ramus and the ventral ramus
describe the dorsal ramus
short and goes posteriorly
describe the ventral ramus
long, goes laterally, anteriorly and extends out into extremeties 
what is a nerve plexus?
a network of nerves formed by ventral rami only (none are made in the thoracic area---ribs in the way)
what are the nerve plexi
cervical, brachial, lumbar, sacral
what are the cervical plexus?
the phrenic nerve...to the diaphragm
how many nerves in the brachial plexus?
5, axillary, radial, musculocutaneous, ulnar, median
what does the axillary nerve affect?
the shoulder muscle (deltoid and teres minor)
what doe the radial nerve affect?
posterior upper extremity, extensors
what does the musculocutaneous nerve affect?
the anterior arm, flexors and elbow
what does the ulnar nerve affect 
medial aspect of the anterior forearm and medial hand *4th and 5th fingers
what does the median nerve affect?
the lateral aspect of the anterior forearm  and lateral hand (1,2, and 3 fingers) also, flexors of the wrist
what nerves are a part of the lumbar plexus?
the femoral and the obturatoe
what does the femoral nerve do?
goes to anterior thigh (quadriceps and leg extension)
what does the obturator do?
goes to medial thigh (adduction)
what does the sacral plexus contain?
many small nerves that go to the lower back, posterior pelvis (gluteals) and perineum as well as the sciatic
what does the sciatic nerve do?
goes to posterior thigh muscles (ham strings, leg flexion and hip extension)
the sciatic nerve divides into the...
tibial nerve and the common fibular nerve
what does the tibial nerve do?
posterior leg (plantar flexors) and sole
what does the common fibular nerve do?
goes to the anterior and lateral leg (primarily dorsiflexors and foot)
which nerve would be damaged if you were unable to extend your leg
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