Spinal Cord And Nerves

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Spinal Cord And Nerves


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divisions of the nervous system
central nervous system (CNS)peripheral nervous system (PNS)
central nervous system
brain and spinal cord
peripheral nervous system
all nerves other than brain and spinal cord
find deffiniiton
find deffintition
three types of cells
sensory neuronmotor neuroninter neuron
sensory neuron is found...
in dorsal roots
motor neurons are found...
in ventral roots
inter neurons are found...
in posterior horns
motor neurons go...
out of PNS to the glands
going in
going out
somatic sensory
coming from body
visceral sensory
senses from organs
somatic motor
movement of body
visceral motor
movement of organs
spinal cord is protected by
bonemeningescerebrospinal fluidfat
spinal cord is made up of
white and gray matter
spinal nerves
31 pairs
branch off from intervertebral foramen
main functions of spinal cord
main section for reflexes
involved in sensory and motor
(membrane) CT that wraps around spinal cord and brain
three layers of meninges
most superficial layer-wraps around beginnings of spinal nerves-merges with epineurium of spinal roots and nerves
outside space of duranot in brain
between dura and arachnoid
looks like a spider web
middle layer
between arachnoid and pialarger blood vesselsruns to level S2contains cerebrospinal fluid
deepest layerhighly vascular
Gray matter
-H shaped-doesnt reach the end of the anterior part-has a canal in the center-gray commissure runs in crossbars
posterior horns
cell bodies of sensorycell bodies of interneurondorsal roots
anterior horns
-cell bodies of motor-sends info out of spinal cord to muscles and glands-ventral roots