Sociology Test 2 Chapter 8


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Right vs. wrong reasons to get married
Right                          ...
What is the history of interracial marriage in the US?
black white marriages banned in 1600s, even after civil war laws against interracial cohabitation...
Supreme Court decision on interracial marriage
Loving vs. Virginia, ruled that laws against interracial marriage are unconstitutional
What are the “ rituals” associated with marriage?
engagement, wedding ceremony, honeymoon
What is a covenantal marriage agreement/ contract?
an antidivorce contract in which couples demonstrate their strong commitment to marriage by...
When should a person get a prenup? ( under what conditions)
if one person com into the marriage with a lot more money than the other
At what time in marriage are people happiest? 
the first phase of your marriage before children
What is meant by identity bargaining?
the realities of the marriage oblige spouses to adjust their idealized expectations of each...
What happens in the first year of marriage? 
Loss of independence New friends and relativesCareer and domestic roles
What happens to marital satisfaction in the child rearing phase?
changes during this time, child rearing stage( 3)
-work and other responsibilities-Domestic responsibilities-Sexual changes
How do most people feel in the middle- age phase?
improved marital satisfaction, with a side of empty nest syndrome
How do partners typically change in the aging phase?
become more relaxed and enjoy each other more 
5 types orf marriages – utilitarian vs. intrinsic
U-COnflict Habituated               I-Vital Marriages-Devitalized                                  ...
. 4 types of Good Marriages
Romantic- possible neglect of other relationshipsRescue-  healing, possibility of renewed...
What makes for successful marriages?
-similar backgrounds-Commonalities: similar interests-Economic Status-Domestic work and child...
Positives and negatives of both working
Neg- frustrations of work brought home regret over not spending time with the childrenPos-...
Flexible vs. static marriages
static don't change don't allow changes in the spouseflexible allow the partners to change...

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