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So great was his contribution to Sociology, he has been called, "One of the three greatest...
Karl Marx (1818-1883); came to England after being exiled from Germany for proposing revolution.
Who called Karl Marx, "One of the three greatest modern thinkers"?
The Wall Street Journal
What two other individuals were referenced by the Wall Street Journal, when they placed Karl...
Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein
Karl Marx believed "the engine of human history..." to be?
Class Conflict
What two classes did Karl Marx propose as being locked in conflict (provide German name and...
1) bourgeoisie (boor-zhwa-ZEE) - the capitalist 2) proletariat (the exploited class -...
What was Karl Marx's definition of the "bourgeoisie"?
The capitalists, those who own the means to produce wealth - capital, land, factories, and...
What was Karl Marx's definition of the "proletariat"?
The exploited class, the mass of workers that do not own the means of production.
What was the basis of Karl Marx's proposed revolution, and what did he claim the result would...
"This bitter struggle can end only when the workers unite in revolution... The result will...
Is Marxism the same as communism? Explain.
No. Karl Marx did not develop communism, which was a later application of his ideas.
What did Marx say in response to hearing some of the positions attributed to him - by those...
In disgust, he shook his head and said, "I am not a Marxist" (qtd. in "Essentials of Sociology;...
Max Weber (1864 - 1920) disagreed with Marx's claim that economics is the central force in...
According to his theory, that Religion drove social change, what two religious denominations...
Roman Catholics and Protestants
There are three major theoretical perspectives in sociology; they are?
1) Symbolic Interactionism 2) Functional Analysis 3) Conflict Theory
The origins of symbolic Interactionism can be traced to these two Scottish moral philosophers:
Charles Horton Cooley (1864-1929), and George Herbert Mead (1863-1931)
What was the perspective that Cooley and Mead had, which lead to symbolic interactionism?
Individuals evaluate their own conduct by comparing themselves with others.
What do symbolic interactionists analyze?
They analyze how our behaviors depend on the ways we define both ourselves and others. they...
What do symbolic interactionists study:
symbolic interactionists study how people use symbols to develop their views of the world and...
In their studies, what do symbolic interactionists look at?
They look at how people work out their relationships and how they make sense out of life and...
"Symbols" allow the existence of?
"Symbols allow the existence not only of relationships but also of society" ("Essentials of...
How do symbolic interactionists describe how, prior to the early 1900's, Americans viewed marriage?
They note that until the early 1900's, Americans thought of marriage as a sacred, lifelong...
How do symbolic interactionists describe how, prior to the early 1900's, Americans viewed...
They note that until the early 1900's, Americans viewed divorce as an immoral, harmful action,...
Contrast the views of marriage in the 1930's, to those
In the early 1930's, it was observed that personality was becoming more important mate selection....
Contrast the views of marriage in the 1945, to those
In 1945, sociologists observed that there was a growing importance of mutual affection, understanding,...
How had marriage as a symbol changed as of 1945 (how was the term (symbol) "marriage" viewed...
Marriage is viewed as more of an arrangement, often temporary, that was based on feelings of...
How do symbolic interactionists explain the reasons for todays divorce rate, from the perspective...
As females became more independent, their role in society changed, as well as in marriage....

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