Social Work Ecosystems Theory: Chapter One

Review For Test 1 In Human Behavior & Social Environment II. These Terms And Definitions Come From Chapter One In The Human Behavior, Communities, Organizations, And Groups In The Macro Social Environment Book.

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What is the ecosystems theory?
"Is a system theory used to describe and analyze people and other living systems and their...
Define the Macro Social Environment
"Is the configuration of communities, organizations, and groups that are products of social,...
Define Community
"Is a number of people who have something in common that connects them in some way and that...
Define Group
"Is a collection of people, bought together by mutual interests, who are capable of consistent...
Define Organizations
"Structured group of people who come together to work toward some mutual goal and perform established...
List the seven-steps for the strucutred change process
1.] Engagement                   2.] Assessment                  ...
What is a system?
"Is a set of elements that are orderly, interrelated, and a functional whole."
What are boundaries?
Borders, margins, and limits that separates asystem from its environment.
What is energy?
The active involvement between people and their environments, input or output.
What is Homeostasis?
A process that keeps a system in balance and keeps the status quo.
What's equifinality?
Its more than one way of solving a problem. There's many ways to get the same ending.

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