Social Studies Chapter 11 Vocab

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industrial revolution
a time when machines took the place of many hand tools.
people who invest their money in a bussiness to earn money
Francis Cabot Lowell
built an important improved version of Enlgish machinary. Lowell opened a mill in Waltham,...
Mass production
rapid manufacturing of large numbers of identical parts
interchangeable parts
identical pieces that could be assembled quickly by unskilled workers.
Samuel F. B. Morse
invented the telegraph using a system of dashes and dots. Tested it in 1844, sent a message...
the denial of equal rights or equal treatment to certain groups of people
slave code
controlled every aspect of a slaves life.
Nat Turner
led the most famous slave revolt in 1831. Killerd about 60 whites because he had a dream that...
toll roads
corduroy roadl
roads made of sawed off logs, laid side by side. c
a channel that is dug across land a filled with water.
Henry Clayp
persuaded congress to pass the Missouri Compramise, was also a senator.

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