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Being free from infection with no coughs colds or diseases.
How much physical activity you are capable of doing and how quickly your body recovers afterwards...
A very small blood vessel located in the tissue of the body that transports blood from arteries...
Blood vessles that carry blood towards the heart.
Blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart
Blood pressure
The measure of the force of blood per unit area as it flows through the arteries. It is measured...
Each time the heart beats, the arteries pulse (throb). This can can be found in certain points...
Protein molecules are long chains of amino acids. (In a chemical change the protein molecules...
Protease enzymes
They break down large insoluble proteins into small soluble amino acids.
Disease causing microorganisms. The different types are : Fungi, Viruses, Bacteria, Protozoa.
White blood cells
Cells of the imune system that defend the body of infectious disease and foreign materials.
The eye
A sense organ that focuses light onto light- sensitive receptor cells in the retina. These...
The lens
A clear flexible bag of fluid surrounded by circular ciliary muscles that change the shape...
An automatic control system to maintain a constant internal enviroment to ensure that cells...
Chemicals released by endocrine glands. They are released directly into the bloodstream and...
Sex chromosones
They are made of long lengths of DNA. They determin the sex of a child. All egg cells carry...
Genes are made up of DNA. It is found in the nucleus and carries in its sequence all the instructions...

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