Science Form 3 Chapter 1-Respiration

Short Note Of Science
Created Mar 6, 2010
by nier212
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1.Respiratory syst. made up of...


2.Breathing mechanism

Inhalation:-thoraric cavity-bigger                  ...
3.Transport of oxygen

-oxygen dissolve in alveolus,then diffuse into blood capillaries -the blood contain red...

4.Effects of harmful substances: a)Cigarette smoke
contain:tar-cause lung cancer              ...

b)car exhaust
contain: carbon monoxide-reduce oxy. in blood

c)Industry and vehicles
contain:sulphur dioxide-damage lung tissues              ...
5.Diseases that affect respiratory system
-bacteria,virus&micoorganisms produce toxins in human body which cause illness -virus-cause...
9.Ways to improve quality of air
a)stop smoking b)use air cleaning system to dissolve toxic gases    like sulphur...

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