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the female part that contains eggs
the male part the produces pollen
colorful things to attracts insects to spread pollen
if pollen lands on the stigma the flower is _______
pollen travels down the style to the ovary_________ occurs and seeds r made
pollination is done by _____ and _______
bees birds
some pollination is done by ________ and _______
wind insects
how is a flower pollenated
how pollen fertilizes the flower
how seeds begin to grow inside a fruit
how the seeds get spread and grow into a new plant
fossils of flowering plants that the dinosaurs fed on probebly had a ______ stem ________ __ _______ _______
single hundreds of flower blossems
bee like insects that developed during the -------------- ---- helped during these flowers just as honrybees pollenate _____ % of crops today
Mesozoic Era 85
how honey bees help pollenate flowering plants
1. A worker honeybee leaves the hive to search for pollen. Honeybees need pollen to make honey. 2. He files to a flower and collect tiny pollen grains from the flower's...
What are the basic parts of the a flower? (4 [2 with subcategories])
1. The Stamen has an anther at the top and filament below. 2. The Pistol has a stigma at the top, style in the middle and ovary at the bottom 3. ...
Label the basic parts of a flower
label parts of a flower
label parts of a flower
What happens when a pollen grain reaches the stigma of another flower (cross pollination)?
A pollen tube is produced with a flower of the same species and it grows down the style until it reaches the ovule. Fertilization takes place, resulting in a seed.

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