Schedules 1-5 Of Controlled Drugs

A General Description Of The 5 Classes Of Prescription Drugs
Created Nov 10, 2009
by lilian0216
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Schedule 1
highly abusive, no medicinal use in the US ex: heroin, hallucinogenic subsaces, marijuana,...
Schedule 2
high abuse potention, accepted medical uses, not refillable, refills require a new original...
Paratial Filling for Schedule 2 Drugs
Record units dispensed, dispense the remainder within 72 hrs., tellthe physician if the remainder...
Emergency situations for dispensing schedule 2 drugs (prescriptions called in by phone)
only if: immediate administration is required there are not alternatives available the physician...
Theft of Schedule 2 drugs
must notify the DEA and State Board of Pharmacy
Schedule 3 drugs
less potential for abuse, prescription can be refilled 5 times within 6 months Ex: tylenol...
Examples of Schedule 2 drugs
cocaine, morphine, oxycodone, amphetamine salts, Demerol (Meperidine), Methylphenidate (Ritalin),...
Partial Filling of Schedule 3 Drugs
Pharmacist must record quantities dispensed and remainng, and initial/sign must be within...
Schedule 4 drugs
less potential for abuse, same dispensing rules as schedule 3 ex: Benzodiazepines, Meprobamate,...
Schedule 5 drugs
low potential for abuse, can be sold OTC to 21 yrs and older, only sold by pharmacist no more...
Examples of Schedule 5 drugs
Parapectolin (for diarrhea), pomethazine with codeine, guaifenesin with codeine (for cough)
Storage of Schedule 2 Drugs
physical inventory done yearly within 4 days of anniversary distribution records for in-patient...
Ordering Schedule 2 Drugs
must use DEA form 222 only pharmcist can sign the form from the wholesaler tranportation...

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