Sales Force Management Exam 2 Chapter 8

Sales Force Management Chapter 8

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Selection Criteria
Criteria for selecting good salespeople
Physical Characteristics
·       Cannot be legally collected for use in the selection process – age race, etc.
Skill variables
Aptitude, Personal Characteristics,  Skill Levels, Role Perceptions, Motivation, & Organizational and environmental factors 
Native abilities and enduring personal traits relevant to the performance of the job – management: recruitment and selection processes
Personal Characteristics
physical characteristics, family background, education, work and sales experience, and lifestyle – management: recruitment and selection processes
Skill Levels
learned proficiencies at performing job activities – management: training and supervision
Role Perceptions
perceptions of job demands and the expectations of role partners – management: training and supervision and account management policies
desire to expend effort on specific job activities – management: compensation and reward systems
Organizational and environmental factors
Sales potential of a salesperson’s territory, salesperson’s autonomy, company’s competitive strength, etc. – management: Sales force organization;...
Trade selling
Age, maturity, empathy, knowledge of customer and business methods
Missionary selling
Youth, high energy and stamina, verbal skills, persuasiveness
Technical selling
Education, product and customer knowledge, intelligence
New-business selling
Experience, age and maturity, aggressiveness, persuasiveness, persistence

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