Safety Procedures When In The Kitchen Or Cooking.

Saftey Procedures & Sanitation Procedures When You Are In The Kitchen Or When You Are Cokking.
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To prevent falls...
Wipe up spills all at once, close cabinet doors & drawers, to reach things in high places use a step stool or somthing sturdy.
To prevent cuts ...
Keep knives sharp, use a cutting board, cut away from you, if something sharp falls get out of the way, dont catch it.
To prevent fires & burns...
Use salt or baking soda, not water, to put out a grease fire, if you smell gas, turn off all range & oven controls & tell someone.
To prevent electric shock...
Read appliance booklets before using appliances, before using an appliance make sure hands are dry & a dry surface.
To prevent microwave accidents,,,
Never turn on a microwave if there is nothing inside, don't heat sealed jars, cans or bottels in the microwave.
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