Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Level G Unit 8 And Unit 9

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allegeVerb Unit 8
v. to assert without proof or confirmationAre you alleging that i am not the victum here?Syn:claim, assert without proof, contend
arrantAdjUnit 8
adj. thoroughgoing, out-and-out; shameless, blatantYour arrant lies sting my ears.Syn:shameless, egregious, unmitigated
badinageNounUnit 8
n. light and playful conversationThis badinage is very pleasing to partake in in the morning.Syn:ight conversation, banter, repartee
conciliateVerb Unit 8
v. to overcome the distrust of, win over; to appease, pacify; to reconcile, make consistentI conciliated the king my lady so that he is back on your side again.Syn:pacify, placate,...
countermandVerb Unit 8
v. to cancel or reverse one order or command with another that is contrary to the firstI here by countermand the dukes banishment because i feel that he has proved himself to be a loyal...
echelonNounUnit 8
n. one of a series of grades in an organization or field of activity; an organized military unit; a steplike formation or arrangementThe echelon marched two by two.Syn;level, rank
exacerbateVerb Unit 8
v. to make more violent, severe, bitter, or painfulYou are exacerbating my wounds rather than healing them with your judging words.Syn:aggravate, intensify, worsen
fatuousadjUnit 8
adj. stupid or foolish in a self-satisfied wayYour fatuous love for me will be your down fall. Syn:silly, vapid, inane
irrefutableadjUnit 8
adj. impossible to disprove; beyond argumentThe irrefutable evidence proves that he took the cookie from the cookie jar.Syn:indisputable, beyond argument, undeniable
juggernautnounUnit 8
n. a massive and inescapable force or object that crushes whatever is in its pathThe juggernaut threw the bolder into the sky blocking my way out.Syn:massive, inescapable force
lackadaisicaladjUnit 8
adj. lacking spirit or interest, halfheartedI don't want a lackadaisical sorry from you give it to me whole heartedly. Syn:halfhearted, listless, indifferent, lax
litanyNounUnit 8
n. a prayer consisting of short appeals to God recited by the leader alternating with response from the congregation; any repetitive chant; a long listThe fathers sermon was a mix of...
macabreAdjUnit 8
adj. grisly, gruesome; horrible, distressing; having death as a subjectThe macabre subject of death disgusted the fair ladies.Syn:grisly, gruesome, grim, ghoulish
paucityNounUnit 8
n. an inadequate quantity, scarcity, dearthThe paucity of food will cause a famine in the later months.Syn:lack, dearth
portendVerbUnit 8
v. to indicate beforehand that something is about to happen; to give advance warning ofThe oracle portended the lack of rain in the years to come.Syn:foretell, foreshadow, bode, suggest...
razeVerbUnit 8
v. to tear down, destroy completely; to cut or scrape off or outThe men razed the town destroying every bit of it.sYn:demolish, pull down, shave off
recantVerbUnit 8
v. to withdraw a statement or belief to which one has previously been committed, renounce, retractI would like to recant my previous statement from the record.Syn:retract, disavow,...
saturateVErb Unit 8
v. to soak thoroughly, fill to capacity; to satisfy fullyYou must saturate the cake in the liquids fully or else it wont have proper flavoring.Syn:soak thoroughly, permeate, fill to...
saturnineadjUnit 8
adj. of a gloomy or surly disposition; cold or sluggish in moodThe boys girlfriend acted saturnine to him after he forgot to give her a birthday present.Syn:sullen, morose
sloughVerbUnit 8
v. to cast off, discard; to get rid of something objectionable or unnecessary; to plod through as if through mudIf you don't need it or don't want it slough it away.Syn:shed, slog,...
AcclamationnounUnit 9
(n.) ovation, a shout of welcomeI recieved a standing ovation for my preformance.
BucolicAdjUnit 9
(adj.) Characteristic of the countryside, rural; relating to shepherds and cowherds, pastoral Syn: RusticThe bucolic pot had an old world appeal.
CalumniateVerbUnit 9
(v) to slander; to accuse falsely and maliciously Syn: Libel Ant: WhitewashTry not to calumniate my client with false accustaions.
Chary(adj.)Unit 9
(adj.)Extremely cautious, hesitant, or slow (to): reserved, diffident Syn: Skittish Ant: IncautiousThe boy was chary of new people.
Collusion(n.)Unit 9
(n)Secret agreement or cooperation Syn: Connivance, cahootsMany were brought into WW1 by collusions between each other.
Dilettante(n.)Unit 9
(n)a dabbler in the arts; one who engages in an activity in an amateurish, trifling way; superficial Syn: Trifler Ant: Professionalthe dilettante traveled from city to city taking on...
Imperturbable(adj.)Unit 9
(adj.)not easily excited; emotionally steady Syn: Serene, UnflappableThe imperturbable frog would not move for any noise.
Increment(n.)Unit 9
(n)an enlargement, increase, addition. Syn: AccretionHis monthly salary increased in increments.
Mandate(n.) (v)Unit 9
(n.)An authoritative command, formal order, authorization; (v)to issue such an order. Syn: DirectiveI mandate you to do as i say.The king mandated that we all have to say nee at...
Paltry(adj.)Unit 9
(adj.)Trifling, insignificant; mean, despicable; inferior, trashy Syn: PiddlingThe paltry details can get smoothed over later.
Paroxysm(n.)Unit 9
(n.)A sudden outburst; a spasm, convulsionHis paroxysms of speaches throw the class for a loop.
Pedantry(n.)Unit 9
(n.)a pretentious display of knowledge, overly rigid attention to rules and details Syn: Pettifoggery, nit-pickingHe was so annoying with his pedantry.
Peregrination(n.)Unit 9
(n.)the act of traveling; an excursion, especially on foot or to a foreign countryI lover to go on peregrinations so that i can learn about other peoples culture.
Redolent(adj)Unit 9
(adj.)Fragrant, smelling strongly; tending to arouse memories or create an aurathe redolent aroma of peaches gives me joyous memories of grandmas house.
Refulgent(adj)Unit 9
(adj.)Shining, radiant, resplendent.The refulgent diamond sparkled.
Shibboleth(n.)Unit 9
(n.)a word, expression, or custon that distinguished a particualar group of persons from all others; a commonplace saying or truism Syn: slogan, password, catchphraseA common shibboleth...
Tyro(n.)Unit 9
(n.)A beginner, novice; one with little or no background or skill Syn: NEOPHYTE!The tyro was clumsy on his first day.
Unremitting(adj.)Unit 9
(adj.)not stopping, maintained steadily, never letting up, relentless Ant: DesultoryHis unremitting blabbering gave me a headache.
Vacillate(V)Unit 9
(v)To swing indecisively from one idea or course of action to another; to waver in mind or will Syn: Oscillate Ant: PersevereIt is not good to be vacillate in decisions because then...
Vituperative(adj.)Unit 9
(adj.)harshly abusive, severely scolding Syn: Scurrilous Ant: LaudatoryThe boys was vituperative when he told his mother that he could not accept her new marriage.

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