Russian Economic Development From 1881 To 1914

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Russian Economic Development From 1881 To 1914

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To what extent was the Russian economy industrialised in 1881?
1. Russia was primarily an agrarian society in 1881. Wheat was the largest export. 2. There...
How did Russia's economy in 1881 compare to the economies of the other Great Powers of Europe...
Other countries had gone through the agricultural revolution, increasing yields, freeing up...
Why did Russia under Alexander III feel the need to modernise its economy and increase...
Russia wanted to maintain its status as a Great Power of Europe, and to do this it needed military...
What were Russia's greatest potential economic resources?
Steppe lands for growing grainVast natural resources of SiberiaCoalIronOilPeople
What were the barriers to industrialisation?
 1. Restrictions on the peasantry imposed by the mir and its collective nature resulted...
What was Witte's general aproach to overcome the barriers to industrialisation in Russia?
Unlike the rest of Europe, capital, innovation and infrastructure had to be supplied from...
Who was Witte?
1. Finance Minister from 1892 to 1903 during which time Russia saw unprecidented...
What was the 'Witte system'? What were its components?
The 'Witte system' was Witte's plan for economic growth:1. Central control: Economic development...
To what extent did Witte's policies succeed?
Success must be measured against the goal of economic growth to increase military and political...
What steps did Witte take to try to keep industrial growth from stalling and keep worker unrest...
1. To keep the momentum of industrial growth, Witte wanted to reform agriculture to increase...
What was the reason for the Russio Japanese War of 1904-05?
The desire of Russia for economic gain in the east through the acquisition of an all-weather...
What was the economic effect of the Russio Japanese War?
Huge financial loss to the country and investors. Loss of the Russian fleet that cost so much...
What was the goal of Stolypin's agricultural reforms from 1906 to 1911?
To prevent further revolutions by creating a peasant class loyal to the tsarist regime. There...
What were Stolypin's agricultural reforms?  
Laid the foundations for an independent Russian peasantry 9 November 1906 law - peasants...
What was the impact of Stolypin's agricultural reforms?
1. Increase in ownership of land from 20% of peasants in 1905 to 50% in 1914. Made peasants...
To what extent was the Russian economy transformed by 1914?
1. Foundations in place supporting agricultural transformation. Still in early phase as 80%...

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