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In the opening of Act III, Benvolio says, "these days are hot, and the mad blood stirring."...
The fight between the families specifically, Tybalt and Mercutio fighting and then Tybalt and...
How does Mercutio die?
Tybalt stabs him underneath Romeo's arm.
Who says "A plague o' both your houses!" ?  What does it mean?
Mercutio- A curse or shame on both the Montagues and the Capulets.  Because of your fighting,...
Why does Romeo attempt to stop the fighting between Tybalt and Mercutio?
He is now family to Tybalt after marrying Juliet.  Mercutio is also his best friend.  He...
What is the difference between woo and woe?
Woo is not get at someone's heart; to find a way to love them and woe is great sadness.
Benvolio does not want Tybalt and Mercutio to fight.  Why?
He is worried they will be seen in public and the prince has told them that if someone fights,...
Who kills Tybalt?
After discovering both Tybalt and Mercutio dead, what punishment does the Prince give?
Banishment for Romeo.  He must leave Verona and go to Mantua.  If he is found in...
Who says, "Take him and cut him into little stars and he will make the face of heaven so fine...
What does this quote mean? "Take him and cut him into little stars and he will make the...
Romeo is so beautiful, bright and wonderful that he could replace the stars in the sky and...
Who tells Juliet of Romeo's banishment?
The Nurse
Why does the nurse believe, "There's no faith, no trust, no honesty in men.  All perjured....
She is upset and hurt that Romeo has killed Tybalt.  She is saying all men lie, cheat,...
Romeo can't believe he has been banished from Verona.  What would Romeo rather have as...
What is Romeo's banishment like for Juliet?
It is like "slaying ten thousand Tybalts.  It is father, mother, Juliet, Romeo, Tybalt,...
What does the Friar tell Romeo to do after the banishment is revealed?
Go to Juliet one more time, but leave before morning.  He will try to get things smoothed...
When Romeo leaves Juliet chamber, she says, "Methinks I see thee now, thou art so low as one...
Romeo's death.  He looks pale and dead like he is in a tomb.
What is a soliloquy?
When an actor/actress stands alone on stage to reveal the truth to the audience.
What is an example of a soliloquy from the end of Act III?
Juliet tells the Nurse she is going to Friar Lawrence's cell to confession because she has...
What news does Father and Lady Capulet bring to Juliet?
She will marry Paris on Thursday.
How does Juliet take the news of the marriage to Paris?
She is upset and refuses to marry him.  This starts an argument with her father who says...
What solution does the nurse have for Juliet at the end of Act III?
You might as well marry Paris.  He is a good-looking, well- to-do man and Romeo is banished...

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