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What is BFI?
Bob Fiest Invitational Team Roping Classic
What is NFSR? Who Qualifies? Where/When?
Clem McSpadden National Finals Steer Roping Top 15 at end of Season Guthrie, OK in November
What is RCA? When did it begin?
Rodeo Cowboys Association Began in 1945
What is FOR?
Friends of Rodeo
What is NIRA?
National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association
What is RNCFR? Who Qualifies? When/Where is it?
Ram National Circuit Finals RodeoEach Year End & Circuit Champion (24)March 29-April 1st Oklahoma City, OK
What is AQHA?Where are the Headquarters? What do they Sponsor?
American Quarter Horse Association Amarillo, TX Horse of the Year Award
What is PETA?
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
What is AAEP?
American Association of Equine Practitioners
What is SHARK?
Showing Animals Respect and Kindness
What is JCCF? When did it begin? Who holds benefit at WNFR?
Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund 1990 ProRodeo League of Women Luncheon & Style Show $100,000 in 2011 Over $1.1 million
What states hold Steer Ropings?
Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Wyoming
What is Mount Money?
Exhibition, not for competition
What does it mean to score?
Distance between the box opening & the score line.
What is suicide wrap?
Wrap Bull Riders take when wrapping the bull rope around their hand.
Which rodeo is "The Daddy of Em All"?
Cheyenne Frontier Days in Cheyenne, WY
Rules for Bull Riding spurs
4 point, locked rowels, blunted
Rules for Saddle Bronc & Bareback spurs
5 point, NO locked rowels, blunted
What is a dally?
Wrap & a half on the saddle horn
What year did the NFR move to Las Vegas, NV?
What is the statue called in front of ProRodeo Hall of Fame? Who is it, horse & rider?
"The Champ" Casey Tibbs & NeckTie
What is the PRCA? What year was it developed? How many members?
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association 1975 8,000 members
What is Gold Card Member?
10 year due paying member who has reached their 50th Birthday.
When/ Where was the 1st NFR held?
1959 Dallas State Fairgrounds Dallas, TX
What is a free roll?
No Mark Out Required if the judge yells "free roll"
What is the Buddy System?
Enter rodeo by ProCom Enter themselves & up to 3 other cowboys. Used by roughstock riders the most
What is a jerk line?
Used in Tie-Down Roping Attached to cowboy & bit, makes horse back up when cowboy dismounts
What is NIRA?
National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association
What is NIRA?
National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association
How old do roughstock animals work till?
Horses: 20's Bulls: Teens
How old must one be to get a permit in the PRCA?
What is NIRA?
National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association
What is pulling leather?
When a Saddle Bronc rider touches any part of the saddle
What rodeo in the U.S. is the only one to use fresh stock in the 1st go round?
Cheyenne Frontier Days Cheyenne, WY
Who is on the cover of the media guide?
Trevor Brazile and his horse with his 9 All Around buckles
What determines who wears the NFR #1 at the finals?
Cowboy/Cowgirl with most overall earnings coming into the WNFR
How much money must be earned to fill a permit?
Who is "Duke of the Chutes"?
Harry Vold Has had stock at all NFR
How often is PSN produced?
Every 2 weeks
When does the new rodeo season start?
October 1st of previous year
How many contestants qualify in each event for the WNFR?
How is the All Around Cowboy determined?
Most money won in 2 or more events
Who sponsors the Rookie of the Year Award?
Who became the 1st title sponsor of the NFR?
Name 3 chocies for a standard cinch riggin
Full 7/8 3/4
Name 3 of the 4 saddle rigging types
Single, Double, Modified Double, V-Shaped
What is a catch pen?
Pen at the end of the Arena
What is the draw?
Animal you are picked to ride/rope
What does the word rodeo mean?
Round Up
What is the legal head catch in steer roping?
Clean around the horns
What are the 5 standard events?
Bareback, Steer Wrestling, Saddle Bronc, Tie-Down Roping, Bull Riding
Why is the steer roping finals not held with the NFR?
Thomas and Mack is not big enough
What is the classic event?
Saddle Bronc
How many points can be scored in roughstock events?
100 points 50:rider 50:animal 25/ each judge and then averaged
When did the ProRodeo Hall of Fame begin? Where?
1979 Colorado Springs, CO
Who was a World Champion and Academy Award winner?
Ben Johnson won 1953 team roping
What does a suitcase handle refer to?
Bareback Riggin Handle
Who is "The Legend"?
Guy Allen steer roping 18 world titles 32 qualifications
Describe Spurring action in Bareback Riding
shoulder raking process and is only in the area of the shoulder and neck of the horse
Describe Spurring action of Saddle Bronc Riding
from the shoulder of the horse to the cantle of the saddle
Describe Spurring action of Bull Riding
Outward spurring action, side of bull
What is Lap and Tap?
No Barrier Steer or calf is released from the chute without a head start
How many World Championships did Charmane James win?
What is a hack rein?
Rein used my Saddle Bronc riders
What is an Association Saddle?
Saddle used by Saddle Bronc riders built to PRCA specifications
What is a flank strap?
Sheep skinned lined strap used in Roughstock events adds pressure like a belt that's to tight
Name a famous rodeo horse that has been cloned?
In bullriding is the cowboy required to spur?
How many seconds is a qualified ride in roughstock?
8 seconds
When did the Livestock Welfare start, how many rules?
1947 60 rules
What is considered to be Cowboy Christmas?
4th of July run
What are the 4 jobs of the pick up man?
Clear Arena, Pick up Roughstock cowboys, Take care of livestock, run chutes in timed events
What equipment is required in Bareback riding?
Riggin, Gloves, Spurs, Chaps
What is the time limit in Tie-Down Roping?
6 seconds, begins after cowboy has gotten back on horse and let slack in rope
What is the difference between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights?
Welfare- making sure animals are cared for but controlled environments where humans use them.Rights- belief that animals should roam freely and that it is unethical for humans to use them for any use.
Where has the NFR been held?
Dallas, TX Los Angeles, CA Oklahoma City, OK Las Vegas, NV
What is a head thrower?
A bull that tries to hit the cowboy with his head or horns once he has been bucked off.
What is Fire in the hole?
When a bull or bronc are still loose in the arena after the cowboy is bucked off.
What is bailing out?
Getting off the animal the best way you generally by throwing your weigh against the animal.
What is cantle boarding?
When a saddle bronc rider spurs so far back his spurs strike the saddles cantle
What is a Hazer?
The cowboy in Steer Wrestling that helps the steer go straight.
What is fading?
In bullriding a bull that spins and slowly gains ground in the direction he is spinning
What is fanning?
When a cowboy fans his hat at an animal, signifies the stock was to easy
What is whipped down?
Term used in bullriding when the cowboys head and torso are jerked and come in contact with the bull
What is ducks off?
An animal that is running in a forward direction then suddenly moves to the left or right
What is floating?
Technique used by some saddle bronc riders that makes them appear to be bucked off with every jump of the horse
What is a hat bender?
In roughstock an animal that just runs around the arena
What is a closed event?
An event at a PRCA approved rodeo not open to all members- if a rodeo is going to have a closed local event they must also have one member of the PRCA
What is fishing?
In roping when a cowboy accidently gets a legal catch
What is a head hunter?
A bull always looking for anyone to charge
What is a Barrier?
An imaginary line that runs from the front of the chute across the box that contestants horse comes out of.
What is a chute fighter?
In roughstock events an animal that will not stay in the chute
What is a honda?
The end of the rope where the eye is, where the free end of the rope passes through
Who qualifies for the rookie of the year award?
A cowboy who is competing in his first year as a full member- the cowboy with the highest earning in his first year will be deemed rookie of the year
Where is the WPRA headquarters?
Colorado Springs, CO
Who is the commissioner of the PRCA?
Karl Stressman
Name a few ways a rodeo benefits a community?
-Boosts the local economy -Puts smaller towns on the map-Provides fun family type entertainment
What is PSN?
Pro Rodeo Sports News - the official magazine of the PRCA
What is ducks off?
An animal that is running in a forward direction then suddenly moves to the left or right
What is catch as catch can?
Any catch is legal, refers to tie-down
What is day money?
Event money paid for the days event only
What is hickeyed?
Term used in team roping, when the honda of the rope catches a steers horn, no time is given
What does toes out mean?
Holding the feet at a 90 degree angle to the animal to ensure max spur contact
What is a houlinhan?
In steer wrestling when the cowboy tumbles the steer head-over heels
What is a star gazer?
saddle bronc horse that bucks with its head up, causes cowboy to have a hard time keeping the slack out of the rein
What does out the back door mean?
When a cowboy is thrown over the back end of the animal
What is a hog?
A term used in bullriding to describe a large un-agile bull
What does rank mean?
An animal that is very hard to ride
What is a lounger?
A horse that thrusts with its hind feet forward rather then kicking them out
What is breaking the barrier? What is the penalty?
When a timed event rider breaks the barrier before the calf or steer has crossed the scoreline -10 seconds
What was the purse for the 1st NFR?
What company started the TETWP Campaign?
Wrangler each cowboy wearing pink wrangler donates $1 to breast cancer research
What is TETWP?
Tough Enough to Wear Pink
Where is the NFR held?
Thomas & Mac Center, on UNLV campus Las Vegas, NV
What must a cowboy do to qualify for the Triple Crown?
Cowboy must win 3 World Titles in 1 year
Why is their a bell on a bull rope?
Bell helps weigh the rope down so when the cowboy is bucked off the rope will drop after the ride
What does HSUS stand for?
Humane Society of the United States
What is the Linderman Award?
Award given to the cowboy who won at least $1,000 in 3 events including timed and roughstock events.
What is the Justin Sports Medicine Program?
A mobile sports medicine team that services injured rodeo athletes, 1980 Attends over 125 PRCA rodeos a year
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