Religion Wealth And Poverty Revision

Edexcel GCSE RS Wealth And Poverty Christian And Muslim Perspectives

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Christian views on wealth(Pg 142-143)
Wealth can be used for good or evil. They should make themselves rich in spiritual thingsChristians...
Muslim teachings on wealth(Pg 144)
Wealth is something to be shared.Muslims will not be involved in the following businesses:-gambling-...
Christian views on stewardship(Pg 148)
Stewardship means sharing out the Earth's resources fairly.Jesus taught to share what you have...
Causes of World Poverty(Pg 156-158)
E.g WARS (money spent on weapons and destruction left).DEBT (money borowed for development...
The need for world development(Pg 159 - 160)
1. Parts of the world are very poor. E,g 1.2 billion live on less than $1 per day.2. Article...
Christian Aid - Why it was set up (pg 161)
 In 1945 after  WORLD wAR 2 to help refugees.Works in over 50 countries
Christian Aid - It's fundraising (pg 161)
In May Christian Aid week is held.Has raised £ 15 millionReceives GOVERNMENT grants
Christian Aid - An example of emergency aid  (pg 12)
E.gHelping Bangladesh following floods. Sending food and medical equipment.
Christian Aid - an example of a campaign (Pg 163)
Jubilee 2000 was set up to encourage governments to cancel debt for the most poor countries.

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