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What is ethics?
discipline that deals us the nature of the good, nature of the human person and criteria that...
What is morality?
A system of right conduct based on fundamental beliefs and obligations to follow certain codes,...
The difference of ethics and morality?
Ethics: good that humans tend towards.Morality: humans can attain this good. 
What are the characteristics of Aristotle? 
1. Humans find happiness within community.2. To be happy is to live well and to do well.3....
What are the characteristics of Kant?
1. Ethics is a matter of one's inner conviction and autonomy.2. Human act is morally good...
What are the characteristics of Levinas?
1. The central question in Philosophy is where is the good.2. Each thing or person...
What are the Naturalism Principles?
1. Most widely help philosophy2. Everything on this earth has a cause and effect purpose.3.We...
what is Naturalism?
everything is explained by science. ex. If you get mad at your parents its not a decision it's...

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