Quiz 4 Nineteenth Century Reform


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This style is associated with a religious froup of people who believed in extremem simplicity. The furniture was very basic, but exceptionally well contructed, particularly in...
This person was resonsible for spreading and promotion the Art Nouveau style throughout Europe by showcasing the work and style in his Salon de l' art Nouveau in Paris and acting...
Who was responsile for this quote, "Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful
The Arts and Craftsmen movement in the United States created a particular style of home that bnecame extrememly popular at the time. It typically featured a 1-1/2 story home,...
Iconic pieces of furniture associated with the American Craftsmen movement and are still in production today. Who is the designer?
This person is the primary architect to work in the art nouveau style in Spain
The "Whiplash line" is a motif associated with which design style
Art Nouveau
This architect was known as the second U.S. architect to attend the Ecole des les Beaux-Arts and was known for helping to create the new American style of architecture, drawing largely...
Richard Morris Hunt
This new style of architecture where the interior skeleton, or structure was made of a steel frame and the masonry was merely a skin for aesthetic purposes and not structurally...
Chicago school
What building is considered the first skyscraper?
Home Insurance Building, Chicago
Which designer is responsible for the Seven Ball Chair
Whic designer is responsable for the Argyle chair, the Ingram chair, and the ladderback chair?
Refer to the last page of the quiz and identify the buildings and their designers Building #1
Sagrada Familia Antonio Gaudi
Building #2
Willow Street Tea Room Mackintosh
Building #3
Red House Phillip Webb
Building #4
Chicago Auditorium Albert and Sullivan

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