Questions About The Skeletal System

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When does bone growth occur?
When connective tissue is replaced
What is a flat bone?
It is thin and flat. Example: sternum
What is an irregular bone?
It is long and wide. Example: patella
What is a long bone?
It is long and wide. Example: Femur
Illium, Ischial and pubis bones form what?
The pelvis
Where do bones store energy?
yellow bone marrow
What is a shaft?
A shaft is the main portion of the bone.
What is the Epiphysis?
It's the expanded ends of the long bone.
What is red marrow of the bone?
It forms red blood cells.
What is a foramen?
An opening in the bone.
Long, Short, Irregular, and Flat are what of bones?
The main shapes of bones.
What are the four functions of the skeletal system?
1. Support 2. Protect 3. Movement 4. Storage
How many vertebrae's are there in the thoracic region?
How many vertebrae's are there in the Lumbar region?
How many vertebrae's are there in the cervical region?
How many vertebrae's are there in the coccyx region?
Define endosteum.
The lining of the inside of a bone.
what is ossification?
Bone formation.
What are bone forming cells called?
What is a mature bone cell called?
The adult skeleton has how many bones?
How many ribs are in the body?
12 pairs
What makes up the Bony Thorax?
The sternum, ribs, and thoracic vertebrae
What is so special about a hyoid bone?
It is the only bone in the body that doesn't articulate with any other bone.
The skeletal system includes:
Cartilages, joints, and ligaments

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