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What is encoding?
The first stage in memory. Getting in sensory information intoa a form that the brain can use....
What is Storage?
The second stage of memory. Holding on to the information for some period of time. This period...
What is Retrieval?
This is the biggest problem people have; getting the information they know out of storage.  
What might be a representation of the shallowest and highest level of information processing...
Shallow processing is like explaining what a word looks like (ie all caps, italizied, in cursive)...
Why did Sperling's research participants recall so few letters stored in sensory memory?
Because they were reading the row of letters and not taking in the whole picture so to speak....
What is iconic memory?
This is visual sensory memory. An example would be when sperling made the grid and the subjects...
What is echoic memory?
This is auditory sensory memory. An example would be in a conversation you hear what someone...
What is the capacity of iconic memory according to Sperling?
Everything that you can see at one time.
Know what the partial report method was in Sperling's experiments.
Sperling would show his participants a grid of numbers with three rows. Then after the grid...
Who described the process of selective attention when moving memories through the three processes?
Broadbent. 1958?
What is another term for short-term memory?
Working memory
What is the magic number?
The magic number was thought of by George Miller. The number 7 plus or minus 2 is the magic...
How can you increase memory capacity in STM?
Chunking is a way of grouping information into sections that make since with each other. This...
Repeating something over and over is what kind of rehearsal?
Maintenance rehearsal-it keeps the information fresh in the mind until you stop repeating
What are the two major rehearsal and explain them.
Maintenance rehearsal- it keeps the information fresh in your head while you are repeating...
Procedural LTM?
Procedural (nondeclarative) LTM- This type of LTM is skills. This is things that are...
Declarative LTM?
This is the memory about things people can know. The facts and information that make up knowledge....
What are the two types of declarative LTM?
Semantic Memory-This is the information that is learned from school or reading. The...
Know what the semantic network is.
The semantic network is a theory on how information in LTm is stored in the mind. In a connected...
Given an example, know what a retrieval cue is.
retrieval cues is a type of stimulus of remembering. The more cues that are stored with a piece...
What is encoding specificity?
The tendenct for memory of information to be improved if related information available when...
What is the tip-of-the-tongue effect.
when you are trying to remeber a bit fo information that you swear you know. most of the time...
In terms of eyewitness testimony, what is the problem with false positives.
because people may think that they know exactly what they saw but they actually dont and this...
Know what the misinformation effect is/
this effect is when witnesses to crimes are given additional information after the event they...
How effective is hypnotism with recalling old memories.
very as long as the psychologist isnt a freakazoid
in terms of repressed memories, what are the demopgraphics of the typical person seen for memory...
Middle aged women who are depressed and kind of in a dump
In general, Ebbinghaus found that most information is forgotten?
right after the event takes an hour...then slowly deteriorates slowly for the...
Why nonsense syllales?
This way they would not have no meaning behind them and he would not be using other ways to...

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