Psychology Test 1- Basics Of Psychology

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The discipline concerned w/ behavior & mental processes & how they are affected by an organism's...
Relying on or derived from observation, experimentation, or measurement.
An early psychological approach that emphasized the function or purpose of behavior and consciousness.
A theory of personality and a method of psychotherapy, originally formulated by Sigmund Freud,...
Biological Perspective
A psychological approach that emphasizes bodily events and changes associated with actions,...
Learning Perspective
A psych approach that emphasizes how the environment and experience affect a person's or animal's...
Cognitive Perspective
A psych approach that emphasizes mental processes in perception, memory, language, problem...
Sociocultural Perspective
A psych approach that emphasizes social and cultural influences on behavior.
A psych approach that emphasizes unconscious dynamics within the individual, such as inner...
Applied Psychology
The study of psych issues that have direct practical significance; also, the application of...
Basic/Research Psychology
The study of psych issues in order to seek knowledge for its own sake rather than for its practical...
Someone who does any kind of psychotherapy.
A person who practices one certain form of therapy.
A medical doctor (M.D.) who has done a three-year residency is psychiatry to learn to diagnose...
Critical Thinking
The ability and willingness to assess claims and make objective judgments on the basis of well-supported...
Principle of Falsifiability
A scientific theory must make prediction that are specific enough to expose theory to the possibility...
Case Study
A detailed description of an individual being studied or treated.
Observational Studies
A study in which the researcher observes & records behavior without interfering with the behavior;...
In test construction, to develop uniform procedures for giving and scoring a test.
In test construction, established standards of performance.
In test construction, the consistency of scores derived from a test, from one time and place...
The ability of a test to measure what it was designed to measure.
A measure of how strongly two variables are related to one another.
Characteristics of behavior or experience that can be measured or described by a numeric scale;...
Independent Variable
A variable that an experimenter manipulates.
Dependent Variable
A variable that an experimenter predicts will be affected by manipulations of the independent...
Control Condition
In an experiment, a comparison condition in which subjects are not exposed to the same treatment...
Random Assignment
A procedure assigning people to experimental & control groups where each individual has the...
An inactive substance or fake treatment used as a control in an experiment or given by a medical...
Single-bind study
An experiment in which subjects do not know whether they are in an experimental or a control...
Experimenter Effects
Unintended changes in subjects' behavior due to cues inadvertently given by the experimenter.
Double-bind study
An experiment in which neither the subjects nor the individuals running the study know which...

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