Psychology Of Personality- Test 2-continued

Second Psychology Of Personality Test Material Continued

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Carl Rogers- 2 basic themes
-Formative Tendency- made assumption that all people go from simple to complex.-Actualizing Tendency- movement toward fulfilling one's potential- the way people operate.-The 3 things...
5 basic assumptions of Trait Theories
1. Traits are the fundamental building block of personality.2. Traits are inherited- passed on genetically3. Traits are present at birth- personality present at birth.4. Personality/...
Raymond Catell- general
-born 1905 (England)- PhD in Psychology University of London 1929- became famous for identifying personality traits, classifying them, developing tests. Brought to US in 1930s by US...
-Traits can be surface traits- specific traits, different kinds of words that mean the same kind of thing- can break them into source traits- ones that hold all the other ones (groups)-...
Personality tests criticized on 4 issues
1. Responses can be situational- depending on mood.2. Lies- faking- give you what they think you want to hear or what they want you to think.3. Don't know themselves- don't know what...
Raymond Catell- Major Contributions
1. Surface and Source traits- used factor analysis to identify 16 source traits.2. Led movement in US to develop traits.3. 3 types of data to be used for personality tests. Q-data:...
Gordon Allport
-Not truly a trait theorist- calls himself that, made contributions to personality theory. PhD in Psychology- 1922- Harvard (Born in Indiana)- studied under Freud. Taught 1st course...
Hans Eysenck- general
-Born in Germany- 1916-1997. PhD 1940- University of London. 1990 wrote book- the rise and fall of the Freudian Empire. 
Hans Eysenck- major contributions
1. Wrote about 400 articles and 75 books. One of the most prolific writers in Psychology. 2. Talked about what was wrong with Freudian theory. Strong position in term of inherited...
Robert McCrae and Paul Costa
-Came up with 5 traits proposed in 1985- used since then- some people disagree. Introversion/extroversion, neuroticism/stability, openness/closed, agreeableness/psychoticism, and consientious/negligent. 
William Sheldon
-PhD in Psychology- MD- University of Chicago- Psychology- interested in mind-body connection. Developed somatotyping. 3 major body types and 3 major personality types- compares. Don't...

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